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Ecosystem Expansion: MARBLEX partners NEAR Protocol


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In a bid to expand its ecosystem, MARBLEX  has collaborated with NEAR protocol. The firm made the announcement today via an official blog post. MARBLEX disclosed that the partnership surfaced as part of its efforts for a multichain expansion. Furthermore, the announcement described how the partnership will provide opportunities for the two firms to enhance their Web3 networks. 

More so, MARBLEX through the announcement provided more insights into the details of the collaboration. The firm revealed that it’ll provide MBX services to the NEAR Protocol ecosystem through its MARBLEX WARP Bridge. Some of these services include MBX games, wallet, DEX, and NFT.

With that, the firm intends to provide a pathway with enhanced accessibility of MBX Narratives to NEAR Protocol users. Similarly, the firm emphasized its willingness to progressively integrate its proprietary blockchain into future projects. 

In the announcement, MARBLEX described the NEAR Foundation as a Swiss non-profit organization that sustains the governance and growth of the NEAR protocol. The firm went on to note how the foundation has contributed to the growth and advancement of NEAR Protocol.

Meanwhile, the firm went on to encourage its community members to participate in future collaborative events involving the two organizations. MARBLEX revealed that the firm will establish numerous cooperative marketing initiatives to establish a strong global presence.

Reactions to the collaboration between MARBLEX and NEAR FOUNDATION 

The Business Division Director of MARBLEX, Junki Moon is one of the notable executives from the two firms that reflected on the collaborative effort. According to the Director, the firm is hoping that the core narrative of NEAR Protocol will play an important role in advancing its ecosystem. Additionally, Junki Moon establishes that the firm will leverage the technical expertise of NEAR Protocol to cement its position as a prominent figure in the industry. 

Similarly, the General Manager, Partners and International at NEAR Foundation, Robbie Lim also reacted to the partnership. Robbie Lim stated that the collaboration with MARBLEX will be an important milestone in enhancing the use cases of the protocol. Further, the General Manager disclosed that the firm will adopt some notable features of MBX. Robbie Lim added that such development will help advance the gaming ecosystem of NEAR Protocol. 

Now, with the support of NEAR Protocol, MARBLEX will gain more boost and attain a new level of prominence in the crypto space. Over the years, NEAR Protocol has established itself as a leading Layer-1 network. The protocol’s network speed, high security, and scalability have attracted numerous partners.

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