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European League of Football, FANZONE collaborates to launch exclusive NFT collection on Polygon


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The European League of Football and FANZONE has collaborated to launch exclusive NFTs on Polygon. According to an announcement by the European League of Football, the collaboration is aimed at bringing a new dimension to the competition. As revealed, starting from next season, fans of the league will be able to acquire exclusive NFTs of their favorite players. With that, they can assemble a virtual Team Manager based on Web3 technology. 

According to the announcement, the European League of Football described the development as a milestone in the world of sports and virtual collectibles. The body disclosed that the innovation will illustrate the limitless possibilities of blockchain. Additionally, the association is confident that the latest effort will change how fans can take part in the competition.

More so, the collaboration will as well birth a Dropbook for each team, providing fans the opportunity of winning numerous prizes. Celebrating the launching of the virtual collection, FANZONE will host a series of special events, giveaways, exclusive drops, and player interactions. Likewise, launching the collection on Polygon will ensure that users can manage and store their collections. Leveraging the benefits of the blockchain for enhanced ownership and rarity.

Meanwhile, in the announcement, The European League of Football described FANZONE as a leading innovator in the blockchain industry. The association further indicated that the platform is focused on merging virtual technology with real-world experiences. FANZONE through its team is striving to establish cutting-edge platforms that redefine engagement, entertainment, and ownership.

Reactions to the Collaboration between the European League of Football and FANZONE 

The CEO of FANZONE, Dirk Weyel has reacted to the collaboration. The CEO expressed excitement at the newly launched collection, referring to it as a groundbreaking Web3 fan engagement innovation. Further, Dirk Weyel added that the collaboration will facilitate efforts in uniting the worlds of sports and digital collectibles. The CEO divulged that the innovation will provide fans a unique experience and help them connect with their favorite teams and players in a special way. 

Similarly, the CEO of the European League of Football, Zeljko Karajica also reflected on the innovation. According to the CEO, the two partners intend to strengthen the connection between fans, their favorite teams, and players by merging sports and blockchain. However, Zeljko Karajica added that the newly launched initiative will aid fans to own unique virtual items. Lastly, the CEO added that the innovation will transform the way fans experience football. 

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