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COMBO announces $80 ecosystem support fund for Web3 games


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In a bid to push for the advancement of its ecosystem, popular scaling solution, COMBO has announced the launching of an $80 million ecosystem support fund. The team behind the scaling solution made the development known today through an official blog post. In the announcement, the team established the relevance of the newly launched Ecosystem Fund. 

Accordingly, COMBO emphasized that the fund is an “integral part of the company’s vision for a collaborative world-building and industry growth.” As revealed, the funds will help assist developers to create Web3 games on the COMBO Layer-2 blockchain. Also, the Ecosystem Fund will offer developers a pathway to a network of advisors and gaming industry veterans. These veterans will assist successful applicants in developing Web3 games. 

Meanwhile, the firm admitted that developing engaging and sophisticated Web3 games is a huge task. The firm added that selected developers will need resources, expertise, and support to bring their ideas to life. COMBO disclosed that it aims to address these needs through the Ecosystem Fund.  Likewise, the team seeks to reshape the Web3 gaming sphere with the games developed by selected applicants. 

As it stands, the COMBO team will scout for projects that can enhance the industry. It will explore new mechanics, new narratives, and new ways of engaging players to introduce innovative Web3 games. Above all, the team believes that the effort will help push the advancement of the COMBO ecosystem. It is worth mentioning that the launching of the Ecosystem Fund marks another major milestone following the recent testnet launch of COMBO.

How COMBO has championed Web3 Gaming Advancement

In April 2023, COMBO launched the testnet of its Layer-2 network. According to the team, the chain designs were aimed at offering tailor-made solutions to streamline future Web3 game development. The team divulged that the blockchain help developers counter the high demands of the Web3 gaming sphere. Meanwhile, COMBO referred to the launching of the testnet as the first of many steps in expressing its commitment to the advancement of the industry. 

Now, the launching of the Ecosystem Fund will help create a community of developers. Therefore, aiding the Web3 space to be on a course of advancement. However, COMBO through its commitment to the growth of the industry intends to be a force to reckon with. 

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