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Apple issues compliance warning to Damus


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Popular Twitter alternative, Damus has received a notification from Apple that it will remove the application from its platform in the next fourteen (14) days. Damus made the revelation today via a tweet. According to the app, Apple requested that the application must have an updated version that’s in compliance with its guidelines to avoid removal from its app store. 

However, according to a snapshot attached to the tweet, Apple divulged that it doesn’t intend to interrupt the availability of Damus’s app on its platform. Further, the platform urged Damus to make necessary changes to avoid the removal of its application. According to findings, the warnings emanated due to the zaps feature on Damus.

Findings established that the feature allows users to receive tips in Bitcoin. This feature enjoys the support of popular Layer 2 Lighting network to facilitate BTC payments and tips on the platform. More so, Apple in its notice established that it discovered how Damus facilitates Bitcoin transactions in form of tips. The platform added that the feature allows digital content creators to receive payments through a pathway aside from its in-app purchase feature. 

Thereafter, Apple disclosed that tips and donations can be optional if they are linked to monetizing virtual content. However, the platform emphasizes that similar features must adopt the in-app purchase system. This as revealed must be in line with its 3.1.1 stipulations. Meanwhile, there are emerging pointers that Damus will be compelled to drop the feature in a bid to keep its presence on the Apple platform. 

Damus as a front-runner of Lighting Network advancement

The recent issue with Apple came at an unwanted period for the application. Recall that in February, the launching of Damus greeted the media space. The platform gained huge attention as an alternative to Twitter. Additionally, the Damus app is supported by Nostr which is another decentralized social network protocol. The Nostr protocol has gained the support of former Twitter CEO and Bitcoin enthusiast, Jack Dorsey

The Bitcoin tipping features incorporated into Damus reflect one of the long-term pursuits of Jack Dorsey to make Bitcoin the currency of the Internet. Similarly, Damus admitted that the removal of its app from the Apple platform will have a costly effect on Bitcoin applications that has incorporated the lightning network.

The platform noted the importance of staying on the Apple platform. Nevertheless, the application argued that it doesn’t sell virtual assets or offer services for selling them. Damus went on to describe its zaps feature as a tip button to carry out p2p transactions. 

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