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BC.Game emerges as AFA’s crypto casino sponsor


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BC.Game, one of the best crypto casinos of 2022, has partnered with the Argentine Football Association to become its global crypto casino sponsor. The crypto project announced the development in its Thursday Twitter post. As revealed, the partnership will allow both brands to extend their reach and engagement to a larger audience.

Also, the Argentine Football Association hopes to harness the partnership in initiating activities capable of bringing its players together. According to BC.Game, it intends to bank on the collaboration in availing football fans and players with the services of the crypto casino. More so, it aims to support the Argentine national team in the coming months and during the Qatar World Cup games. Also, popular football stars such as Lionel Messi, Pailo Dybala, and Angel Di Maria will interact with BC.GAME users.

Through the partnership, BC.GAME and AFA aims to build an international gateway to enable them reach a larger audience. Also, both brands hope to add new income streams through the various categories. As revealed, the partnership between both parties will subsist for six months. Within this period, both brands will unite and bring out the best from the partnership.

BC.GAME to collaborate with more top actors across the globe – Official

According to BC.GAME Chief Operating Officer Chris Butler, the Argentine Football Association, has established itself as one of the most intuitive organizations in the world. He revealed that BC.GAME plans to collaborate with more top actors in the crypto industry. Butler stated BC.GAME is excited to see that most of its long-term goals aligns with that of the Argentine football association.

Butler further that BC.GAME hopes to launch more productive income stream in the future. According to him, the protocol wants to provide restricted access to community of gamers, punters, and football fans.

The president of Argentine Football Association, Claudio Fabian Tapia, also reacted to the partnership. According to him, the club is excited to enter the new agreement with BC.GAME. He said the league looks forward to opportunities in developing technologies. This, according to him, will help promote the experience of its National Team and Fans.

Tapia noted that the partnership allows the league to create new digital products, thus, establishing a new revenue stream. Also, he officially welcomed BC.GAME as a new commercial partner of the football league. According to him, AFA will continue to cooperate with the protocol in the course of the collaboration.

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