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Animoca brands collaborates Planet Hollywood to launch CLUB 3


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Popular web3 firm, Animoca Brands has launched CLUB 3, a private members-only club for active participants in web3, NFTs and Open metaverse industries. According to a Twitter post by the firm, it launched the club in collaboration with Planet Hollywood Group. In the announcement, Animoca brands revealed that the unveiled CLUB 3 will serve as the physical meeting arena for the community of actors in the aforementioned industries.

Notably, Animoca Brands also announced plans to open the first CLUB 3 location in the second half of 2023. According to the firm, the location will be at the heart of the famed Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Worthy of note that the location will be a 10,000-square-foot facility, enveloped with diverse dining options. More so, the facility will have a major dining room and a rooftop restaurant. It will also be laced with eclectic bars, a cocktail lounge, meeting rooms, karaoke rooms, and many more.

Occasioned by these facilities, Animoca brands believes CLUB 3 has what it takes to provide fully programmable areas for experiential events either virtually or physically. Some of the events likely to unfold at the facility includes community meetups, talks, experiences, seminars, AMA sessions, and many more. Shortly after the opening of the Los Angeles facility, both firms will start expanding CLUB 3 in multiple iteration. According to findings, Animoca brands and and Planet Hollywood Group aims to take the innovation to more popular cities like London, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and others.

CLUB 3 to offer four categories of memberships – Animoca brands

Going forward, Animoca brands said CLUB 3 seeks to offer four different categories of memberships. It listed the categories as founding, social, global, and corporate memberships. Notably, possessing the founding membership allows members to enjoy numerous benefits, including access to a private founders-only lounge. With social membership, participants enjoy access to one specific CLUB 3 location. As for Global membership, it enables owners to access all CLUB 3 locations around the globe. Worthy of note that all the highlighted membership categories will be available on launch.

Remarkably, both Animoca Brands and its partner plan to integrate web3 mechanics into CLUB 3 activities. Some of these activities include community voting, specialized perks, and others.

Founder of Planet Hollywood Group, Robert Earl, in his remark, boasted about the prospects of the partnership. He noted that by launching Club 3, both firms are bringing community of like-minded individuals together to achieve common goals. Further, Earl added that his firm and Animoca brands designed the project to run comfortably with good food, wonderful cocktails and overwhelming programming. He strongly believes CLUB 3 has what it takes to go international owing to its footprint.

Further, the co-founder of Animoca brands, Yat Siu also commented on the development. Siu, in his comments, expressed optimism in the capacity of CLUB 3 to enhance the web3 community. More so, the co-founder believes the project will provide an enablement for those willing to learn about the virtual world. Through CLUB 3, Siu said various communities within the Animoca brands ecosystem will get exposed to bountiful opportunities.

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