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Advacing trading experience; MEXC partners Token Bot


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Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC has partnered with Token Bot. The crypto exchange made the revelation today via its official Twitter page citing the importance of collaboration. According to the announcement, MEXC identified its latest partner as a premier copy trading platform for cryptocurrency.

More so, MEXC explained that TokenBot’s algorithm and community-driven insights are some of the factors that birthed the partnership. The cryptocurrency exchange will leverage these features to enhance trading experience for its users. Through the collaboration, Token Bot will avail professional trading tools to MEXC subscribers.

According to findings, Token Bot as a platform is powered by a member utility token identified as $TKB. Further, the platform is managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that aids algo traders to bring up, vote for proposals that are aimed at advancing the platform’s services. The latest collaboration will see MEXC become one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that has integrated Token Bot.

Prior to the collaboration with Token Bot, MEXC has partnered with firms like Floopy Moonbird, Bishojo Club, 3 Kingdom Multiverse, PinV and many others.

Insight into MEXC pursuit to advance users experience

Presently ranked 17th by Coinmarketcap on the list of top cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, MEXC will be aiming to attract more users to boost its ranking. In a bid to keep up with market competition, MEXC has initiated numerous intiative to earn users trust.

Last month, the crypto exchange unveiled its Merkel Tree Proof of Reserve platform. The move surfaced as an attempt by the exchange to earn users’ trust by embracing transparency.

Additionally, upon the release of the PoR system, MEXC disclosed that it’ll release its PoR data on every tenth day of the month. Therefore, users and cryptocurrency enthusiasts will expect the crypto exchange to keep to its promise by releasing the PoR data for this month next Friday.

Furthermore, MEXC provides spot and ETF trading for 1,500 and 300 cryptocurrencies respectively. The platform has about 7 million subscribers from different countries across the globe. Worth noting, the crypto exchange services cuts across sectors like DeFi, GameFi, NFT and many others.

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David Idowu
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