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Nansen launches Query to aid on-chain analysis


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Today, popular blockchain data protocol, Nansen unveiled its Query product. According to a Twitter post by the protocol, it designed Query to offer programmable access to blockchain datasets. By virtue of this, the product will undoubtedly enable crypto teams to carry out on-chain data analytics with ease.

It is noteworthy that Nansen developed Query on the Google Cloud network. Occasioned by this development, the product can be integrated into numerous web projects and technology stacks. According to its announcement, Query has the capacity to track at least 95% of all on-chain total value locked (TVL) within 17 of the world’s most popular blockchain layers. Worthy of note that these blockchain layers include Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Fantom, Celo, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Ronin, Optimism, and Solana.

According to Nansen, it resolved to launch the product having discovered how its customers usually struggle to get an efficient blockchain data solution. The protocol noted that most of the existing data platforms are consumer products developed to serve individuals, but seems inadequate for businesses. This, according to Nansen, affect the parsing of data on those platforms and also makes queries slow. Now, the platform believes Query will solve the problem by ensuring crypto teams create their own queries to get insights from its curated datasets. These datasets enable it to decode complex blockchain activities. Also, the feature avails data on addresses, pricing, transaction details and many more.

Scores of crypto teams now embracing Query – Nansen

Meanwhile, Nansen boasted that scores of crypto firms and investors have started embracing Query. According to its announcement, renowned firms like OpenSea, Google, MakerDAO, a16z, and many others are now using the product. Recall that this is not the first time that the firm is launching this product. Earlier, Nansen launched Query in what it described as a “soft release” manner. However, the latest launch of the product will now make it widely accessible to the public.

Worthy of note that Nansen aims to continuously foster users’ experience in the industry. In recent times, it engaged in a lot of collaborations with renowned off-chain platforms to avail accurate information about happenings in the crypto sphere. Notably, some of the firms it partnered include CoinGecko, Kaiko, Tardis and more. More so, the blockchain data platform also integrated numerous web3 datasets to offer a better view of the crypto landscape.

The CEO of Nansen, Alex Svanevik made some comments on the launch of Query. According to Svanevik, Query has become a platform used by analysts to perform on-chain analysis. Also, the CEO said the platform has the capacity to enable these analysts build their dashboards and share works with others.

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