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Animoca Brands becomes AWS provider to foster web3 development


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Barely a day after collaborating with CyberConnect to build a decentralized social layer for Mocaverse, Animoca Brands unveiled itself as a new AWS Activate Provider. In a Wednesday blog post, the web3 firm noted that the new status will allow its portfolio firms to offer tools and support for users to build on AWS. Likewise, the development will enable the portfolio firms to directly apply for about $25,000 in AWS Activate credits.

By empowering developers to build on AWS, Animoca Brands and its portfolio companies want to hasten the development of web3 products and services. With 450 web3 portfolio firms, Animoca Brands has made an imprint in the development of decentralized ecosystems. It allows users to enjoy full ownership of their digital assets. The firm believes the cornerstone of an open metaverse dwells in the ability to own digital property.

Meanwhile, AWS wants to leverage the collaboration to nurture upcoming web3 companies on Animoca Brands. According to the announcement, it will provide these firms with the needed technical networking and support to thrive. Also, the AWS team wants to offer fundraising, mentorship, and marketing empowerment through its Active program. Before now, the AWS program has empowered hundreds of thousands of emerging startups to grow their business. Startups that benefit from this program use the credits to provide scalable, safe, and efficient AWS cloud offerings. These include storage, analytics, Internet of Things, Machine learning, and many more.

Co-founder of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu expressed delight about the collaboration with AWS. According to Siu, the partnership signifies a good milestone for the web3 market. He also described Hong Kong as a hub for innovation and affirmed Animoca’s readiness to work with AWS to improve the web3 ecosystem across the globe.

Animoca Brands’ collaboration with CyberConnect

Worthy of note that this new feat comes barely a day after it joined forces with CyberConnect. The collaboration was geared towards leveraging the smart accounts infrastructure of CyberConnect to fuel the identity layer of Mocaverse. With this, web3 firms under the portfolio of Animoca Brands will be able to provide interoperable user experiences.

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