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Aptos Labs, Microsoft join forces to promote web3 development


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A layer-1 blockchain firm, Aptos Labs has teamed up with Microsoft to advance its infrastructure in the evolving web3 space. In a Wednesday blog post, the firm said it intends to harness Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service to hasten global adoption of web3.

Through the Azure OpenAI service, Aptos Labs wants to develop new AI and blockchain-based products that will enable creators to build the future of the internet. One of the products to be built is Aptos Assistant. This product, according to the announcement, will function as a chatbot to streamline information access in the Aptos ecosystem. Also, the chatbot will provide answers to users’ queries about Aptos and as well avail resources for developers of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Similarly, both partners aim to leverage the collaboration to harness blockchain-oriented financial service products. These include asset tokenization, payment options, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and many more. By doing so, Aptos and Microsoft are widening the use cases of blockchain. Likewise, Aptos wants to run validator nodes on Microsoft Azure to strengthen the security of its platform. Also, as part of the terms of the deal, it intends to integrate its native programming language into Github’s AI-oriented Copilot service.

Aptos Labs tapping into the potential of AI to aid its developers

With its partnership with Microsoft, Aptos joins the list of blockchain firms that are tapping into the potential of AI. It believes the integration will provide enablement for its developers to give utmost priority to their end-users. Aptos aims to consistently prioritize the interest of developers on its network. This explains why it has continued to avail them with the needed tools to support their ideas.

Meanwhile, an exec with Microsoft, Rashmi Misra, gave more hints about the focus of the partnership. Misra said Aptos and Microsoft want to democratize the usage of blockchain through the integration. According to the exec, the efforts will enable users to easily access web3 and ensure that developers can build outstanding dApps with AI.

Likewise, the CEO of Aptos Labs, Mo Shaikh described AI and blockchain innovations as generational breakthroughs. His belief is that the integration of both innovations will remarkably aid the evolution of the internet. Shaikh also spoke about Aptos’ collaboration with Microsoft. According to him, both firms share the same vision to ensure widespread access to technology across the globe.

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