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DigiFT launches the first fully regulator—compliant U.S. Treasury token, DUST


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Renowned decentralized digital asset exchange, DigiFT has unveiled a U.S. Treasury token, DUST. In a Thursday blog post, the exchange described DUST as the first fully regulatory-compliant U.S Treasury token that will be issued on a public blockchain.

The newly launched token is supported by a Single U.S Treasury note that carries a specific maturity date. With this backing, it will provide institutional investors with an on-chain opportunity to invest in U.S Treasuries. Eligible investors will also be able to do this through physical U.S Treasuries in the custody of a licensed broker-custodian in Singapore.

DUST comes with December 31, 2023 maturity date

According to DigiFT, the DUST token comes with December 31, 2023, as its maturity date. Investors can invest in the regulatory-complaint security token offering with either fiat (U.S. Dollar (USD) or stablecoins (USD coin (USDC). Also, they are expected to enjoy a lower capital outlay with a minimum investment amount of 1 USD/USDC.

Meanwhile, DigiFT CEO, Henry Zhang hyped the potential of DUST. His belief is that the launch of the new token illustrates DigiFT’s dedication to bringing the best decentralized finance and traditional yield to investors. He added investors will be able to harness tokenized real-world assets on-chain with their exposure to DUST. According to Zhang, DUST is designed in full regulatory compliance with the U.S. Treasury token on DEX.

Worthy of note that the DUST launch comes barely a year after it launched a Decentralized Security Token Exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. It designed the product with an Automatic Market Maker (AMM). The AMM permits sufficient market liquidity without requiring active market makers to list buy and sell orders. Also, AMM allows liquidity providers to contribute their security tokens into pools managed by a smart contract. These liquidity providers make commissions whenever traders swap their security tokens.

Meanwhile, DigiFT currently operates in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s FinTech Regulatory Sandbox ( “Sandbox) as a renowned Market Operator with a Capital Market Service License. Recently, it emerged as the first decentralized finance trading platform integrated by the Sandbox. The exchange facilitates the trading of primary and secondary security tokens supported by financial assets. With its new token, DUST, it hopes to keep aiding investors’ experience in the market.

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