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Animoca Brands unveils web3 scalable network for Mocaverse


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A leading web3 social network, CyberConnect has partnered with Animoca Brands, a game software company so as to build a decentralized social layer for Mocaverse.

Animoca Brands will leverage the smart account infrastructure of CyberConnect identified as CyberAccount to power the identity layer of Mocaverse. With this, companies within its portfolio will be able to conveniently create their social graph. Also, it will allow them to strengthen interoperable user experiences across games, products, and services.

Meanwhile, recall that the CyberAccount was recently introduced after the V3 upgrade CyberConnect. It emerged as the first web3 scalable and battle-tested ERC-4337-powered smart account. Since its launch on July 26, 2023, it has been able to onboard over 90% of all smart accounts (smart contract wallets). With this feat, the solution is evolving into an industry leader in ERC-4337 account abstraction.

Both CyberConnect and Animoca Brands want to build an industry model with the upcoming Mocaverse social layer project. This model will surely lay the foundation for a new way of building consumer products and applications. Also, it will ensure that users explore their favorite applications without having to recreate their own networks.

Animoca Brands and its $30 million commitment in hi ecosystem

Without any doubt, Animoca Brands has demonstrated itself as a leader in the evolving web3 space. In recent years, it embarked on numerous investments to onboard users into the space. Just recently, the web3 firm even partnered with hi, a financial ecosystem to usher millions of users into the web3 space. As part of its commitment, the web3 firm invested US$30 million in the operations of hi.

Through the partnership, Animoca Brands and hi seeks to promote the utility of fungible tokens and NFTs so as to advance the web3 world. The firm believes its investment in hi innovative ecosystem will be instrumental in actualizing a wider adoption of web3.

Likewise in May, Animoca Brands entered into a partnership with Altava group to provide advanced metaverse services. Through the collaboration, the web3 firm granted Altava the approval to harness some of its NFTs.

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