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What is UFO gaming?


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Notably, the consistent exploration of the virtual space has continued to birth numerous bountiful innovations. Some of those innovations or projects, including cryptocurrencies, metaverse, gaming and many more. Notably, many of these innovations are interconnected and functions to aid one another. Gaming for instance, is usually aided by the 3D virtual environment feature of Metaverse. Today, gaming projects, including Ufo gaming have remarkably adopted Metaverse than others to unlock its full benefits. With this, those games are able to take the experience of their users to the next level.

Notably, as gaming projects continues to witness sporadic rise in their adoption and usage, more of the projects are coming to the space, thereby availing gamers with numerous options. As of today, there are hundreds of gaming projects, including Ufo gaming, with each, running to stimulate critical thinking, creativity, memories. As a matter of fact, some of these games run as play-to-earn, allowing its gamers to earn passively just by playing. Without further ado, this article aims to critically explain Ufo gaming as one of the gaming outfits, its features, and potential. Nevertheless, every reader of this content must embrace and comprehend this article without misrepresenting its intent. Notably, this piece is not geared towards promoting the gaming project, but only to provide an understanding of the background, potential and peculiarity of Ufo gaming.

Ufo gaming: General Overview

According to its website, Ufo gaming manifested as a pioneer of gaming projects. Founded by a team of gaming and crypto experts, the firm develop sumptuous games. Each of the games produced by Ufo gaming possesses its unique in-game assets owned by players. Notably, the gaming firm employs its decentralized dark metaverse to empower gamers and make them access income that come with games. The decentralized dark metaverse, remains “an ever- expanding realm and infinite ecosystem. As a Ufo gaming metaverse, it contains P2E games, breedable in-game NFTs and a metaverse Launchpad which, in most cases, require Ufo

Worth noting, Ufo gaming, has since its emergence, been passionate about empowering gamers. The gaming outfit seeks to educate gamers with games made accessible to them. As a decentralized gaming platform, it avails traditional games to the blockchain, allowing users to establish new blockchain gaming features. According to its website, every game by Ufo gaming seeks to establish it’s governing biosphere. The platform focused on its gamers and welfare and thus, usually conducts smart contracts with high security.

Remarkably, Ufi gaming, through its game, aims to host virtual land sales, allowing gamers to trade a part of the planet to generate passive income. In a bid to earn passively, users are usually assigned to complete certain tasks. They can swap characters, armaments and the platform’s native crypto in Super Galactic, a distinctive game with a marketplace.

Super Galactic

Without a doubt, Super Galactic as a game developed by Ufo gaming employs a rating technique in rating its players. This thus means any gamer with more activeness receives higher rating and the one with lower activeness receives low rating. Gamers with high rating usually earn additional tokens. In its whitepaper, Super Galactic seems described as an RPG/Arcade Action/ARG game. Through the game, users compete to nurture virtual super troops in the first fourth-dimension realm. The whitepaper says the game runs as an hybrid automated battler decentralized game. Built on Ethereum, players enjoy access to 0% gas fees for minting and trading assets.

Tokens in the ecosystem of Ufo gaming

In the growing ecosystem of Ufo gaming, there are three tokens. They are UFO, Plasma Points and UAP. Meanwhile, the major or primary native token is UFO. Through the crypto, the platform becomes powered, refuelled and linked to all its projects. Notably, Ufo runs as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. According to the website, the token emerged along with its native project without any team allocation, private sale and zero tokenomics. Its team of developers says the crypto remains community-owned. Worth noting, 50% of the token seems burnt while the remaining 50% stays in Uniswap. The total supply of the token stands at 51, 515, 151, 515, 515. Remarkably, any user who stake UFO to Cosmos automatically becomes a pioneer of unique and rare NFTs.

Plasma Points, as another token on Ufo gaming, helps gamers to purchase Soldiers. Notably, users enjoy the eligibility to farm the plasma Points through Ufo gaming staking dAp. As for UAP, when used in Super Galactic, provides an enablement to nurture soldiers within the game. As designed, gamers earn UAP after completing specific missions and assignments in the game.

How Ufo gaming is exploring Metaverse

Despite being among the early firms that revealed their intention to build a metaverse space, Ufo Gaming exploration of the virtual reality innovation didn’t come until last August. Then, the play-to-earn game powerhouse unveiled its Metaverse space having thousands of users in attendance. Likewise, the creation of the space didn’t drift away from Ufo Gaming’s plan of putting gamers first. According to the announcement that unveiled the metaverse space, Ufo Gaming provided gamers with virtual assets like NFTs. These assets are in form of game items, virtual land and monetary value.

Furthermore, the metaverse initiative gave a huge advantage to $UFO holders offering them a variety of perks like incentives and community engagement. Similarly, during the launching of the metaverse space the firm made available different types of games. These games are Easter Egg Hunt, Team AMA, Streamer Takeover and Staking dApp Launch. All these fun-filled games gave community members the privilege to win numerous incentives while playing the games.

Likewise, the inclusion of a metaverse space in its chain of games is a strategic move from Ufo Gaming. The game giant intends to establish itself as a force to reckon with in the virtual assets sphere. Per emerging reports, there are high hopes that the metaverse sector would grow and reach a specific height in the nearest future. A claim that has influenced Ufo Gaming’s strategy to embrace the Metaverse sector.

Hopes on metaverse and virtual collectibles for the growth of Ufo Gaming

To a noticeable extent, Ufo Gaming has placed the metaverse in the middle of its growth and prosperity. The firm believes it would benefit from the growth and adoption of the Metaverse. Nevertheless, Ufo gaming believes it has a role to play towards actualizing that dream. The gaming tech acknowledges that interesting projects would drive more users towards the metaverse. Therefore, prompting the Ufo gaming to introduce varieties of games that are interesting for gamers. So, it’s fair to establish that the relationship is more beneficial to both sides.

Also, there are plans by Ufo games to introduce its own NFTs marketplace that will be a hub for digital collectables. Though, the project is yet to surface. Nonetheless, the calculations around the initiative are to create and facilitate more usage of the platform. As the league of games on the platform continues to drive more users, likewise the metaverse space and the NFTs marketplace, Ufo gaming would grow in popularity. Placing the firms among top wigs in the industry, while contributing to the growth of its native token, $UFO. In that regards there are plans to send gaming IDOs to holders of the $UFO token. The NFT and Metaverse project will help contribute to the growth of $UFO. While it seems like a tedious task to achieve, the resilient and persistent attitude of the firm regarding the issue could help fast-track the actualization of the dream.

Future of the project

Beyond every reasonable doubt, the future of Ufo gaming remains open and lucrative. The project has a long way to go towards actualizing its dream of becoming a major force in the sector. In the quest of establishing itself, the project faces stern competition with other play-to-earn games. This competition has dwindled its growth in popularity. However, the project didn’t submerge due to the intensity of the pressure, instead, it learnt to coexist side by side with them and focus on it’s growth.

$UFO token is way behind the $1 mark, despite that, it has shown severe volatility in a reaction pattern to the market situation. Either positive or negative, the token has a swift response to prevailing market situations. The token recorded its all-time high of $0.00005592 during the crypto boom of 2021. Ever since it has dipped by 96.22% due to the general downturn that has befallen the cryptocurrency market. This figure would change if Ufo games attract more users through its games, metaverse and other possible areas. So, leaving the project with an uphill task of growing above it rivals while attracting users.

Final Thoughts

For investors that tend to invest in cheaper coins to commit their funds in the long term, with the hope of acquiring a big stack, then Ufo could be ideal for their preference. An investor who prefers stability over long-term growth will likely ignore the token. The team’s commitment and effort to grow the value of the token remain a cogent point of conviction for investors.

One thing is for sure, Ufo gaming cannot attempt any rugull because it has expressed its commitment to growth in numerous occasions. Assuring investors that their funds are safe. However, the team must work towards improving the market performance of $UFO as soon as possible. The value of the token is way below what could attract investors to commit their funds.

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