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What is TLM coin? | Alien Worlds


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TLM is a blockchain-based game platform for Alien worlds (an NFT metaverse). It simulates a multi-planet environment where people compete for scarce resources. Players use Trilium (TLM Coin) to fuel the game by staking and voting in the Planet’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Alien Worlds is an online game that mimics economic struggle and collaboration among players in order to earn Trilium, the game’s currency.

What is the metaverse of Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse where users can interact with one-of-a-kind digital objects (NFTs). As we know The Metaverse is a collaborative virtual open area formed by the merging of virtual reality with digital reality. It lasts a long time and allows for more immersive experiences. It’s a simulated economy in which participants compete for a limited resource inside the ecosystem. Specially Trilium (TLM Coin) is in utilization to improve one’s strength or authority in the game. Consequently, it achieves this by staking and voting in Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs). Additionally, Planets and players compete for TLM, resulting in fierce competition and cross-group teamwork.

Furthermore, The Alien Worlds metaverse currently has the following use cases:

  • Mining: Players can mine TLM from several planets with appropriate NFTs.
  • Staking: Players stake TLM to receive TLM and NFT staking prizes, and stake Trilium to Planets to enhance the Planet’s reward pool.
  • Governance of the Planet DAO: Participate in weekly council candidate elections.
  • Trade NFTs: Players can trade NFTs for mining and in-game tasks on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and WAX.
  • TLM is transferable between BSC, WAX, and Ethereum via a cross-chain bridge.

What Alien world Consists?

  • Planets: These planets can manage through resources mined by the players. Each planet’s owner determines the game strategy and type of mining resources. TLM Coin can be used by players to vote on certain decisions made by the owners. As a result, there are six planets at first. On the WAX blockchain, each of them is represented by a smart contract. The Federation has the ability to create new worlds, and the community has consented to its requirements. The planets receive a set amount of TLM each day, which the Guardians divide to players at their discretion.
  • Mechanisms of control: The placement of TLM on a planet should be in such a way that users can vote on it. There is no limit to the number of planets available for bidding. The coins confirm that a smart contract gives speakers the opportunity to vote. Players can re-exchange them for Trilium at any moment.
  • The treasury of the planet: It’s the entire amount of TLMs that’s secure or locked.
  • Federation: The project development team makes up this group. The Federation is in charge of accepting or rejecting new planets, issuing NFTs, and counting and distributing TLMs. The crew also helps with the game’s technological aspects, as well as its design and usability.

In Alien Worlds, what can players accomplish with NFTs?

In the Alien Worlds metaverse, players obtain NFTs of digital game items in order to mine TLM, fight in battles, and accomplish in-game tasks. NFTs that best suit the player’s gameplay can also be purchased and assembled. They can also influence the game’s course by electing the Councilors of six Planet DAOs, allowing them to participate in government.

The following are the several sorts of NFTs in Alien Worlds:

  1. Digital Products: There are six tiers of rarity, each with six different shining properties, and the player can increase by combining low attribute goods.
  2. Land: Represents mining lands on planets in Alien Worlds. Landowners have the option of doing their own mining or collecting commissions from other miners.
  3. Tools: At first, players will be handed a shovel with limited capabilities, but you can upgrade your tools or luck out and find better ones. These tools will have various characteristics, such as mining speed, NFT detection, and so on.
  4. Minions: These are the characters who battle in the game. Each character will have distinct traits with different abilities: Attack, Defensive, MoveCost, Race, and Element.
  5. Weapon: Explorers use weapons to fight other Explorers. Weapons have attack and defensive ratings as well.
  6. Avatar: Cards used to play the game. Players choose their first avatar to use for Mining including Grays, Reptiloids, Little Green People, Nordics, and Robotron.
Alien worlds card game
Alien Worlds Cards

Alien Worlds Characteristics

Each NFT has a unique name, avatars, functional characteristics, ownership, and a blockchain-based history of ownership changes. NFTs appear as trade cards in the user interface.

In-game, land is the most important NFT. It’s on the planets, and the characteristics of a given land plot include things like the time between mining sessions, the number of TLM generated per mine, and the possibility of obtaining NFT for a mining session. Each planet has a certain amount of land, to begin with. Until they are purchased by a user, they are all the Federation’s property. Landowners have the option of renting out their land plots in exchange for a percentage of the TLM they mine.

What is TLM (Trilium)?

TLM is Alien Worlds’ native token, which can be in use to bid on planets and engage in in-game activities. Trilium is available on the Ethereum, WAX, and BSC blockchains, allowing users can store it on whichever chain they like. The total number is 5 billion. Alien Worlds Metaverse’s native coin, Trilium (TLM Coin), is a decentralized blockchain game that incorporates DeFi and NFT technology. TLM is a Metaverse token that can be replaced with another ERC-20 token.

Accordingly, one may earn Trilium by mining the proper land with the right gear.

There are ten billion Trilium in total. However, this amount is unlikely to reach that number because TLM has a low inflation rate.

History of TLM COIN

The first phase of the NFT Alien Worlds game is the creation of the Metaverse. It consists of technological design and deployment of the basic functionality of the NFT Alien Worlds blockchain game. Trilium, NFT, and planet mechanics are all complete in the Metaverse. Staking and selling NFTs are also now possible.

Also, releasing cross-chain functionality makes it easier to collaborate and integrate. TLM is currently available for trading on Binance.

Until now, the Alien Worlds Roadmap has three phases. each of which includes particular NFT mining incentives, the release of Thunderdome (a war arena), in-game objectives, and experience. experience in a role-playing game.


Subsequently, Alien Worlds’ developers plan to release new quests with daily resource distribution to landowners in the near future. There will be an automated system for providing NFT mining incentives to individual landowners, in particular. As a result, users can acquire precious NFTs that can be purchased and traded, make money by staking, and take part in planetary management, events, and adventures.

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