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What is Metahero?


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Certainly, the consistent exploration of the digital space has continued to ferment a series of powerful innovations. One such innovation is the virtual reality environment, metaverse, which has undoubtedly recorded massive adoption. As defined, the metaverse functions as a three-dimensional virtual world, allowing users to interact with each other and digital solutions. Although the innovation has not secured full embracement, analysts see the future as highly bright for the metaverse. Without any doubt, the discovery and exploration of this innovation led to the emergence of several remarkable metaverse projects, including decentraland, sandbox, metahero, and a host of others.

Indeed, these virtual reality projects are renowned for offering immersive, life-like experiences to subscribers. However, this article intends to keenly focus on Metahero as a blockchain-based metaverse project, with relevant emphasis on its functionalities, features, among others.

A general overview of Metahero

Metahero project run on the BSC blockchain. It is enveloped with crypto and 3D-immersive technology. Occasioned by this mechanism, Metahero is able to create lifelike 3D avatars and digital objects usable in numerous spheres, including fashion, social media, gaming, medicine and others.

Additionally, Metahero allows users to create avatars which possess the same replica with them. The features on Metahero allows users to create NFTs through digitalized art and collectibles. It goes beyond NFTs by aiding cryptocurrencies through its database of “scanned objects and people.” As observed, the project has a whitepaper. In its whitepaper, Metahero sees the metaverse space as the future of life and entertainment.

The whitepaper further revealed that the mission of the project is to grossly avail gamers, artists, and other users with unequalled accessibility to the experiences offered by the virtual world. This, as reported, is done through its 3D technology as well as its marketplace and native token (Hero). The whitepaper added that Metahero will initiate a robust 3D scanned real-world object and person database in the nearest future. Now, it reportedly collaborated with a popular 3D scanning leader, Wolf Studio, as part of the measures to actualize its aim.

Technologies embedded in the project

As designed, the Metahero metaverse has a 3D meta scanner. This scanner possesses over 20 columns, with each enveloped with 16k resolution cameras. With this scanner, a virtual look-alike avatar of an object, animal or person can be produced on the metaverse. Last year, the project, through its 3D meta scanner, scanned 100,000 people and consequently integrated their avatars on the metaverse. More so, Metahero employs a technology, called cutting-edge mechanism. This tech makes it possible to convert real-world art into NFTs.

Developers of the project

Unlike some other projects who developers are unknown, the developers of Metahero are known. According to findings, the project manifested as a product of the efforts by Robert Gryn and Piotr Harwas last year. Harwas, as reported, is the Chief Executive Officer of Metahero partner, Wolf Digital. Gryn, on the other hand stands renowned as an ardent investor and entrepreneur in numerous projects.

Metahero’s native token

As earlier noted, the Metahero project possesses a native token, HERO. This token serves as an instrument for interaction within its ecosystem. Users need the token to pay for their 3D scans or whenever they intend to purchase 3D NFTs. Just like other tokens, HERO can also be staked by holders in a bid to amass rewards.

According to reports, Metahero is making efforts to build an app for its native token, HERO. This app, as reported, will be enveloped with features capable of tracking holders of the tokens. More so, the project intends to make the purchase of HERO easier for users by developing a built-in secure wallet. This, as believed, will allow for direct purchase of HERO from the app. However, as of today, users still need to buy BNB before swapping it with HERO. Worth noting that the total supply of the tokens stands at 10 billion.

Features of Metahero

Metahero has a deflationary utility coin that employs an ultra-realistic 3D mechanism to design 3D avatars and other digital objects. One of the distinctive features of Metahero is that it has a wide range of utility, a notable feature that has contributed to the popularity of its native coin, Hero. These avatars and other virtual items designed with Metahero can be utilized across different sectors like social media, games, art, fashion, entertainment, and others.

Since its introduction in 2021, Metahero has generated a load of attention across the cryptocurrency sphere. At a time, people often mistake it for Metamask or even think it has a connection with it. However, Metahero is an independent project on its own with a mission to enhance cryptocurrency embracement by relying on the increasing popularity of the virtual world.


Meanwhile, another distinctive feature of Metahero is its idea of Metscanning. Metscanning manifest as the scanning and modification of physical items into meaningful virtual avatars, usable on Metaverse. Simply put, Metscanning allows users to create a physical object into an avatar form through scanning.

This feature has pushed the emergence of Metahero as a link between the virtual and physical worlds. This attribute under view has heavily contributed to the popularity of the project far and wide beyond the cryptocurrency space. Also, Metahero offers a unique platform for artists, entrepreneurs, and game lovers to connect. This platform provides the aforementioned individuals above to link up and share ideas. Alongside its Metscanning feature, Metahero is leading the charge for a new era of graphical innovation in virtual reality.

The Future Of Metahero

Remarkably, there are interesting plans regarding the future of Metahero that would aid its globalization. As it grows, the popularity of cryptocurrency will grow as well. Before then, the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency could also help the popularity of Metahero. It’s fair to say that both are partners in progress, working hand in hand for the betterment of each other.

Notably, Metahero plans to launch about twelve Metahero 3D chambers worldwide. With each chamber, approximately 100,000 individuals scan themselves for other physical objects early. Metahero will rely on the endorsement of prominent personalities to aid its popularity.

As part of its utilization, gaming firms can use the metscanning feature of Metahero to enhance gaming experience for their users on the metaverse. Art studios can also utilize Metahero as well to incorporate their collections into virtual platforms. While Museums can incorporate Metahero to aid their presence on the metaverse. Metahero allows them to scan, virtualize, and store their collections in the virtual world.

Without a doubt, these numerous case uses of Metahero will facilitate the popularity of the project. There are few projects that share the same features as Metahero, which implies that it has few competitors. Therefore, setting the track for the global adoption of the project. At this stage, it’s glaring that the future is bright for Metahero, but its developers have a lot to do further support the future.

What Metahero And Hero Has In Stock For Investors

However, Metahero should leverage a large number of game lovers across the globe. Research reveals that there are about 2.7 billion game enthusiasts around the world, and a large number of them know about cryptocurrency. This market segment will find Metahero quite appealing for adoption. The social media segment is also another considerable market Metahero must consider to dominate and push its presence there. Currently, the social media space has more than 4 billion users, which is a massive figure. A broad acceptance by this marker segment will help the popularity of Metahero and the utility of Hero.

While the utility of Hero, the native token of Metahero, thrives, the value would soar as well. Early investors seems bound to record a high return on their investment if the utility for the token increases. Notably, the metscanning feature returns a service fee for Metahero, which will be paid with Hero. Though, the service cost will dip the more the adoption of Metahero surges. Yet, paying in Hero is another means of utility for the native token, which implies good tidings for early investors. At the moment, Hero has attracted a good volume of investment so far. Hero in return has proved to be a suitable means of investment for investors so far. Late last year, the token recorded its all-time high of $0.2518, and Hero struck its all-time low on August 29, 2022, at $0.005263. The future remains bright for both Hero and Metahero.


Notably, the project looks capable of attaining the heights of other notable metaverse project in the future. Just within a year of its emergence, it enjoyed a series of partnerships with numerous firms, including Wolf Digital World, Fame MMA, among others. More so, the project plans to focus on ushering millions of metaheroes into the metaverse in the future. Its developers say they intend to achieve this at a rate of 100,000 people each year. With this prospects, Metahero tends to bring in more spheres into the metaverse in no distant time.

Nevertheless, there is a lot to do by the firm to fast-track the prominence of the project. The firm must increase the marketing heat of the project to facilitate its embracement.

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