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The Sandbox partners OpenZeppelin to secure metaverse


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Popular NFT game creator, The Sandbox has partnered with Open Zeppelin, a leading blockchain security service provider to launch its first Metaverse security solutions. The Sandbox announced the development in its Thursday blog post. As announced, the partnership manifested to provide comprehensive security services to The Sandbox.

As revealed, OpenZeppelin intends to provide an exclusive security service to The Sandbox. According to OpenZeppelin, the service goes beyond the one-off audits that most metaverse projects rely on. Notably, the service involves OpenZeppelin applying its real-time monitoring suite and broadcast alerts for potential threats and anomalies. It also entails providing routine codebase analysis and strengthening smart contract security.

OpenZepplin Head of Solutions Architecture, Micheal Lewellen reacted to the partnership. According to him, OpenZepplin’s new unique service for comprehensive metaverse security is a step forward for metaverse and Web3 projects. He further that this is a step forward for metaverse and web3 which have been evolving since inception.

Lewellen noted that with the help of OpenZepplin, metaverse projects can now take advantage of the ongoing audit expertise. This thus enables them to go beyond the code to support better security practices for on-chain monitoring. He further that his firm through the collaboration with The Sandbox plans to also provide access control and other enhancement that are important in securing future growth.

In addition, he expressed his delight in having The Sandbox as the first client for the project. Lewellen believes the new pattern will be followed by other firms in the coming months.

The Sandbox looks towards utilizing OpenZeppelin security service – Borget

The Sandbox co-founder, Sebastian Borget also reacted to the partnership. According to him, the safety of users is of utmost importance. He noted that as a result of this, The Sandbox remains pleased to utilize OpenZeppelin security service as part of its suite of security tools and strategies. He further that OpenZeppelin’s long-established experience makes it an excellent choice for The Sandbox.

Notably, the first step in the security service involves the auditing of an upcoming staking contract. Worth noting that OpenZeppelin recommended a few optimization fixes for The Sandbox for a two weeks period in November. Notably, The Sandbox was able to meet up and implement the fix ahead of its launch. As revealed, the new metaverse security system relies on established OpenZeppelin security services, utilizing those provided by Forta. Notably, the main role of Forta is to lead smart contracts and monitor transaction activity. Also, another duty is to send notifications when risks or anomalies are found.

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