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SushiSwap partners ThunderCore to fuel sustainable growth in DeFi


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Today, a popular decentralized exchange, SushiSwap teamed up with ThunderCore, a layer one blockchain firm. In a Tuesday announcement, SushiSwap noted that the collaboration is geared towards encouraging sustainable growth in the DeFi industry. The exchange wants to incorporate its products into the blockchain ecosystem.

As stipulated in the agreement, SushiSwap together with Thundercore would launch a fee-boosting model. As revealed, the duty of the fee-boosting model is to explore the long-term sustainability models between decentralized exchanges and blockchains. Today, both firms are actively showing their commitment to enhancing APRs for relevant pools via native token buybacks. In addition, they are also seeking to raise funds from fees generated through mutual activities on Sushi and ThunderCore.

Worth noting that SushiSwap’s partner, ThunderCore operates as a Layer 1 fully EVM-compatible blockchain. Also, it possesses its own private novel consensus mechanism. This mechanism, as revealed, is derived from Proof-of-Stake(PoS) technology. The protocol is notable for its increased, cheaper transactions per second (TPS) while maintaining Ethereum’s security.

SushiSwap said ThunderCore maintained a robust ecosystem that encompasses professional team members, working effectively to improve the chain, secured by a single underlying tool. Through the protocol’s full EVM compatibility, other firms are now able to seamlessly integrate into its network with little charges. In addition, its native services such as bridge, wallet, DEX, pools, and farms have also continued to provide remarkable experience to users.

It is important to note that the partnership between SushiSwap and ThunderCore comes in two segments. As revealed, each segment add value to users of both protocols. The first segment covers the deployment of products offerings by SushiSwap to ThunderCore. This thus means users can now access and also enjoy these offerings on ThunderCore chain and its custodial wallet.

SushiSwap Products on ThunderCore

At the moment, SushiSwap products that have been deployed on ThunderCore include BentoBox, Furo, Onsen, SushiXSwap, and many more. BentoBox runs as Sushi underlying token vault that triggers unused capital into action. Furo, on the other hand, allows token streaming of any compatible asset to any wallet. While Onsen operates as double reward farms, SushiXSwap is a cross-chain exchange tool for fast, trustees swaps between compatible chains and V3 AMM.

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