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PancakeSwap, Unstoppable Domains to offer personalized web3 domains


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Popular automated market maker and decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap has teamed up with Unstoppable Domains, Web3 domain name provider. In a Thursday blog post, PancakeSwap confirmed the development. According to the announcement, the duo wants to leverage the collaboration to provide users with personalized web3 domains.

PancakeSwap said users will be able to enjoy this offering by paying $9.99 USD. This thus cements their online presence so as for them to flaunt their personalized and distinctive digital identity through the aid of custom branded subdomains. Some of these subdomains, as revealed, are vincent.pancake.crypto on Ethereum and BNB Chain PancakeSwap.

Worthy of note that PancakeSwap seeks to ease accessibility to digital identity through its integration of web3-based Unstoppable Domains. According to its announcement, users will only need to proceed to their wallet section located at the top right corner of its website to access their web3 domains without the initial long and complex wallet addresses.

To commemorate the collaboration between both firms, PancakeSwap organized an exclusive campaign for the exchange users. This campaign takes place between the 1st of June at 13:00 UTC to the 8th of June at 13:00 UTC. Also, during this period, users have the opportunity to purchase the custom-branded subdomain at a fair rate of $9.99 USD. Users are to proceed to the exchange home page to purchase the personalized subdomain.

PancakeSwap, Unstoppable Domains seeking to advance to advance DeFi experiencd

According to the post, the collaboration between PancakeSwap and Unstoppable Domains further symbolizes a significant landmark for the world of decentralized finance. It ensures users enjoy convenient personification and seamless web3 experience. More so, the offering facilitates the completion of transactions using unique web3 digital identity instead of the usual impersonal wallet addresses.

In a bid to enjoy this service, users must also activate the “reverse resolution” on their Unstoppable Domains profile. This process can be activated by logging into Unstoppable domains account and using on the “my domains” icon. After that, they are encourage to click on the “manage” button, select reverse resolution on the side menu and enable reverse resolution for their domain. After this activation, their web3 domain will be displayed on PancakeSwap.

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