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Softbank joins Oasys for social implementation of Web3


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A Japanese telecommunications firm identified as Softbank has joined the Oasys network as an official validator. In a blog post today, Oasys confirmed the presence of the telecommunications firm in its ecosystem stating that the new collaboration will aid the social implementation of Web 3.0.

As a result of the collaboration, the two firms will focus on advancing the blockchain gaming industry. The announcement indicated that Oasys and Softbank will as well foster relationships and synergize with their group companies and partners.

Furthermore, the blog post established that Softbank took the decision after realizing Oasys’s superior mechanisms. These mechanisms according to the announcement refer to both users and talents present within the structure of Oasys.

Also, the advanced technological strength of the gaming blockchain proved a major factor towards the establishment of the synergy. However, the collaboration will see Softbank grow in the network more than just being a validator. As revealed, in the nearest future, the two organizations will work together to design game-changing blockchain innovations.

More so, Oasys will as well look towards growing the list of its validators. According to the announcement, the network will invite notable organizations with good repute across the globe to join its ecosystem as validators. With that, Oasys will seek to enhance and stabilize its network.

Initially, organizations like SEGA, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco Research among 18 others are part of the network’s validator. Consequently, Oasys will pursue adding 3 more firms alongside Softbank to its league of validators. With that, the network will increase it’s validators to 25.

Reactions by top executive members of Oasys and Softbank to the collaboration

Top executives from the two organizations have reacted to the partnership. Senior Vice President and CIO of Soft Bank, Keiichi Makizono registered his excitement over the collaboration. He revealed how the flexibility and user-centric architecture of Oasys blockchain are sufficient to attend to the needs of users and IP content owners. The executive stated that he’s looking forward to working with the blockchain firm to promote Web 3.0 social implementation and resolve social issues.

Likewise, the Director of Oasys, Daiki Moriyama also reacted to the collaboration. The executive portrayed what the partnership meant from Oasys’s point of view. Moriyama noted that Softbank shares the same ideology with Oasys, thus, aiding their partnership to become ideal. The executive revealed how the two firms will focus on future growth to initiate exciting projects in the Web 3.0 sphere.

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