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Particle network, Quest3 collaborates for Web3 advancement


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As part of its effort towards web 3.0 advancement, Particle Network has partnered with Quest3. As revealed in a Tweet today, the mobile app data and development platform for Web 3.0 solutions indicated that the partnership will aid growth, and as well birth new opportunities.

More so, Particle Network in the tweet described Quest3 as a marketing tool collection for sustainable Web 3.0 project growth. With the collaboration, the network intends to strengthen its position of providing universal tools and features needed for the development of Web 3.0 solutions.

Initially, Particle Network aids developers to integrate some of its features by putting up parameters and front-end designs. The firm intends to simplify the process of designing Web 3.0 solutions for developers, easing the stress of setting up basics. Consequently, assisting developers to focus on creativity and enhancing users’ experience.

Due to its focus on aiding the seamless development of Web 3.0 solutions, Particle Network has attracted numerous firms. More so, firms like Fantom, UniBridge, Notifi, TaskOn, Daren, Sending.Me, Catastrophy, Moongate, and many others have partnered with Partcile Network in the past.

In recognition of its growth and contribution to the space, Binance’s BNB chain listed the project among the 40 Best dApps on its network in 2023. The development emanated in less than a year when the Particle Network acquired $1.8 million from a pre-seed funding round.

Side note about Particle Network

According to a blog post by one of its co-founders, Pengyu Wang, the firm raised $1.8 million in a pre-seed funding round in April 2022. According to the post, investors like Longhash Ventures, CyberConnect, BitCoke, and Monad Labs participated in the funding round.

Additionally, the co-founder gave insight into the dilemma behind the establishment of the firm. Wang cited how the founding team realize the difficulties developers endure in the process of designing new Web 3.0 solutions. The co-founder described those difficulties as a detriment to the long-term development of Web 3.0.

Presently, Particle Network through its integration with emerging Web 3.0 projects is already contributing to the growth of the sphere. The advancement of the industry has attracted investors, thus, leading to the birth of different Web 3.0 solutions. Like many firms in the sector, Particle Network is seeking to place itself at the forefront of Web 3.0 advancement.

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