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SAVAGE partners SamSung to bring highest quality videos to web3 users


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Popular Polygon Stream App, SAVAGE has partnered with a South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate, Samsung. The protocol announced the details of the partnership in its Wednesday Twitter post. According to its announcement, the collaboration manifested so as to bring highest quality pictures and videos to users on web3.

Worthy of note that SAVAGE smart TV app enables easy connectivity of IRL display. Further, it fosters the uploading of highest quality images and videos to web3 users. The app also possesses right managed contracts baked into the metadata as well as the potential to get into 25 million households.

Over time, Savage has been unrelenting in improving its Web3 offering. A few months ago, it partnered SupraOracle, an innovative blockchain platform. As revealed, the partnership emanated to help the creator economy obtain more NFT profits. Notably, Savage intends to become the first-carbon neutral NFT marketplace that allows creativity to upload. It also intends to allow artist monetize their art without exaggerated minting prices. The protocol is paving the way to revolutionize the utility of NFTs by developing data ownership and improving payout revenue for every artist.

Through the partnership, the protocol also expands its use cases by using oracle networks that can interact with multiple NFT assets across different chains. In addition, SupraOracle’s cross-chain interoperable oracles help to strengthen the platform’s access new blockchain networks. Notably, SupraOracle’s decentralized oracles feed data from multiple chains and inaugurate Savage as a central artistic platform, assembling NFTs from various EVM-compatible networks. SupraOracle’s Co-founder, Joshua D. Tobkin while reacting to the partnership noted that he believed his firm can unlock opportunities for talented individuals to enter the thriving NFT market.

SAVAGE seeking to become a home for filmmakers, photographers in the web3 space

SAVAGE is quickly becoming the home for the most distinguished photographers and filmmakers in Web3 due to its eco-friendly marketplace and forward-thinking NFT utility. Also, Savage seeks to eliminate the resistance points between artists and NFT marketplace. This in turn helps to increase the number of NFTs available on Savage. Worth noting that Savage utilizes Polygon to improve its platform reliability and offers new opportunities to add other EVM blockchains. Through Polygon, it aims to reach billions of web3 users. It has a product called, Savage experiences. It runs as a deluxe membership, providing limited-run NFTs and exclusive guided excursion. Also, the Savage experiences offers discounts on selected fine art prints.

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