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Scroll to launch pre-alpha testnet by January 9


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Popular Ethereum Scaling Network, Scroll has announced its plan to launch a pre-alpha testnet. The protocol announced the development in its Tuesday Twitter post. According to the announcement, it will launch the testnet by January 9.

Notably, Scroll plans to initiate the pre-alpha testnet in order to roll out some new and exciting performance optimizations. The scaling network believes the development will help drive a higher throughput in our Pre-Alpha testnet. Meanwhile, Scroll highlights the URLs which will serve as the new RPC endpoints. These URLs, as reported, will be used by users to interact with its updated pre-alpha testnet. The URLs, as highlighted, are prealpha-rpc.scroll.io/l2 and prealpha-rpc.scroll.io/l1.

Worth noting, the scaling network advised its users to reset and remove all Scroll networks from their wallets before adding them again. This, according to Scroll, must come into fruition after the completion of the testnet by January 9. Additionally, Scroll plans to migrate all its users to the latest version of the Pre-Alpha. This, according to the Ethereum scaling network, will be followed by the eventual deprecation of its initial iteration. Further, it assured users that all previously documentation remains valid aside from the changes in URL.

The protocol, however, promised to continuously offer technical community updates prior to scheduled changes regarding our core protocol. Also, Scroll said its announcement about the testnet manifested just to keep its users informed about the development, stressing that it requires no action from users till then.

Remarkably, Scroll aims to reset the blockchain to start from scratch from Monday. As revealed, this development tends to lead to the loss of all previous data. However, it reiterates its commitment to allowing users to continue to use their accounts after they perform a wallet-reset for both Scroll networks.

Scroll seeks to scale Ethereum to billion users

Over time, the scaling network has been making efforts to improve its offerings and expand its ecosystem. Recently, it partnered Covalent, a provider of industry leading API services. As reported, the partnership manifested to enable Covalent’s data collection process, thereby ensuring latency for the most up-to-date information retrieval on Scroll’s zkEVM.

Scroll believes the partnership tends to help drive innovation to Covalent. More so, the scaling network feels the collaboration helps to unleash the true power of data in web3, thereby advancing its mission of scaling Ethereum to billion users. Worthy of note that Covalent brings visibility to billions of web3 data points with its API services. As of today, scores of builders and analysts use Covalent to develop exciting multi-chain applications.

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