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Sandbox, Zeptolab set to introduce new avatar collection


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The Sandbox in collaboration with Zeptolab has launched a new avatar collection. In a blog post released today, the Metaverse platform unveiled Om Nom inspired by the “Cut the Rope game series.” According to the blog post, The Sandbox established that the new avatar collection became a reality as part of its collaboration with Zeptolab. 

Furthermore, the Metaverse firm added that the collection contains 2,000 unique avatars. Also, the Sandbox disclosed that the special edition will offer a unique gaming experience. Due to that, users of the Sandbox will be privileged to play as Om Nom. In addition, the Web3 gaming platform attached a release schedule to the announcement.

As stipulated by the schedule, the allow registration list will become available on June 20, 2023. More so, the registration process is scheduled to close by June 26, 2023. According to the schedule, the allow mint list will commence the following day. Sandbox disclosed that the mint list will only be available for twenty-four (24) hours. The allow mint list will offer an exclusive pathway for users to acquire their preferred avatar before the public mint. 

Thereafter, the schedule indicated that the public mint will come up by June 28, 2023. With the public minting, the Om Nom collection will become available for everyone, providing them the opportunity to own available avatars. At the end of the minting process, Sandbox stated that there will be a grand reveal of the Om Nom collection. 

How Sandbox and Zeptolab have championed the advancement of Web3

According to a Binbits report in February 2023, Sandbox and Zeptolab partnered to enhance the Web3 experience for users. Then, their collaboration intended to focus on encouraging Web3 engagement via entertaining adventures championed by real ownership of virtual assets. 

For Sandbox, the partnership provided it an avenue to further establish itself as a force to reckon with in the virtual asset and Web3 space. The platform on various occasions has partnered with top organizations within and outside the blockchain space to actualize the global adoption of web3. As it is, the platform set aside a 100,000 SAND prize pool to celebrate the launching of the Om Nom avatar collection. The announcement indicated that the holder of the collection must complete some quests to receive a certain portion of the prize pool.

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