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Polygon, Axelar collaborates to enhance Interoperability of Polygon Supernets


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In a blog post today, Polygon announced a collaboration with Axelar network to enhance secure cross-chain communication of Polygon Supernets. As revealed, Axelar network is a secure communication layer that connects Web 3.0 solutions.

Further, the collaboration will aid dApp users to seamlessly transfer assets through secured channels on Supernets and other connected chains. Before the collaboration, Polygon Supernets technology aids the creation of application-specific, scalable, and customizable blockchain networks.

The position of Axelar towards Web 3.0 can be likened to what Stripe is to mobile and internet applications. The network supports the interconnection of Web supernets that aids developers to create dApps on Polygon Edge. It offers access to liquidity and functionality across Web 3.0.

Benefits of the collaboration between Polygon and Axelar network

Now, Axelar will equip Polygon Supernets to provide certain features that will facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for developers. Top on the list of these features is the stress-free provision of native gas tokens for Supernets from users’ wallets that are based on Polygon and Ethereum.

Additionally, the Axelar network SDK will aid Supernet dApps to generate one-time deposit addresses. This is similar to the chain-agnostic onboarding that is popular with a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. More so, it will offer Easy liquidity pathways among Supernets, eliminating the need for Supernets to have a Decentralized Exchange.

However, the integration of Axelar Network into Supranets will take a few days. Upon the success of the integration, dApps will seamlessly interact with all linked chains using friendly API requests. Polygon Supernets are supported by Polygon Edge, which is a customizable blockchain stack for building networks that are diverted for certain use without having to let down their security or performance. The recent collaboration with Axelar, Edge is set to emerge as the foundation infrastructure for an interoperable internet of designated EVM blockchains.

Reactions to the collaboration

The Co-Founder of Axelar network, Sergey Gorbunov reacted to the partnership. The Co-Founder said Supernet chains offer fast user experience with significantly lower gas fees in comparison to other existing L1s and L2s.

Furthermore, Gorbunov added that “As a result of the partnership, users can easily move and use their currencies and NFTs across multiple Supernet chains, opening them up to the possibilities of a multichain Web3 ecosystem.”

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