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OKX Chain, Onomy collaborate to promote interchain world


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OKC, the EVM-compatibe blockchain of OKX has collaborated with Onomy, an interoperable Layer-1 protocol. This was announced in a Tuesday blog post. According to OKX chain, it embarked on the collaboration as part of its commitment to fostering interchain world.

It is noteworthy that IBC has already been opened between the two platforms. This thus facilitates cross-integrations of FX markets, advanced trading avenues, and easy asset management solutions within the Interchain. Occasioned by this partnership, contributors on the Onomy ecosystem are looking forward to the various possibilities ahead. According to findings, Onomy DAO will welcome proposals from these contributors on the execution of new features through the OKX Chain.

OKX Chain aiming to expand its DeFi and interchain activities

Over time, the OKX chain showed committed to expanding DeFi and promoting interchain activities. Recently, it integrated RocketX, an advanced hyrid exchange aggregator to enhance the growth of its DeFi. This thus makes it more interoperable with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other notable blockchains. Also, it collaborated imToken, a crypto multi-chain wallet. Through the integration, imToken users can now access DApps on OKC.

Furthermore, the OKX chain collaborated AssetMantle in late 2022 to enhance cross-chain transfer of assets. Occasioned by this development, users are able to transfer and receive assets between AssetMantle and OKC. It is noteworthy that the collaboration also led to the creation of a native USDT bridge from OKC to AssetMantle and other networks.

Meanwhile, it also engaged Waves in a partnership to develop solutions to problems affecting its users. Beyond OKC and Waves, other firms like Gravity and Neutrino also participated in the partnership. Worthy of note that the OKX chain possesses high scalability, thereby allowing developers to create innovative projects and navigate with low gas fees. It has a robust infrastructure, including its all-in-one multi-chain web3 interface which aids experience for both developers and users.

According to findings, the chain also possesses robust interoperability which avails a lot of benefits to crypto users. This thus enable users to easily access DeFi platforms. Beyond this, the feature also aids liquidity within the crypto sphere.

Securing its network through partnership with Beosin

Notably, the OKX chain is also making efforts to aid the security of its network. In November, it partnered Beosin, a blockchain security firm. This partnership was geared towards fostering the safety and reliability of its ecosystem. More so, the firm wants to leverage on the collaboration to hasten the development of risk management techniques for digital assets.

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