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OKC, ImToken integrates to aid users’ access to DApps


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Popular OKX chain, OKC has integrated with imToken, a crypto multi-chain wallet. The digital wallet announced the development in a blog post on Monday. According to the announcement, the integration allows imToken users to access DApps on OKC.

Furthermore, the integration allows users to manage OKC asset balance. Through the integration, users can monitor token prices. In addition, it further allows users to send and receive OKC-based assets.

Notably, OKC( OKX chain) runs as an EVM-compatible L1 developed on Cosmos. It was built mainly to support and focus on true interoperability(IBC) and maximized performance. Due to its high scalability, it allows developers to develop and navigate with low gas fees. The OKC infrastructure, including the all-in-one multi-chain web3 interface encourages a seamless experience for developers and users.

Worth noting that imtoken also manifests as a non-custodial wallet. The wallet allows users to handle assets with absolute control. As revealed, the latest version of imtoken enables users to oversee their OKC asset balances. It further allows users to take part in DApps on OKC like its liquid Staking and Swap all in one wallet.

As a decentralized digital wallet, it helps in the management and safeguarding of token-based assets, identities, and data. Imtoken also allows users to manage assets on 20+ mainstream blockchains and seamlessly connect DApps through decentralized applications browsers.

OKC seeking to expand its offering with more integrations

Meanwhile, OKC has been unrelenting in its effort to expand DeFi ecosystem. A few weeks ago, it integrated RocketX an advanced hyrid exchange aggregator. According to the protocol, the integration manifested in order to help drive the growth of its DeFi, making it interoperable with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other leading blockchains. Also, the OKX chain promised to sustain its integration with numerous projects to expand its offerings.

Notably, RocketX aims to drive the adoption and growth of DeFi by boosting the interoperability of OKC. The hybrid exchange aggregator has earned popularity among crypto traders. The exchange intends to provide a solution to the issue of block chain compatibility. Further, RocketX allows users to seamlessly swap cryptocurrency between different networks, making it one of the cheapest and fastest ways to exchange crypto.

Remarkably, OKC interoperability feature encompass various benefits for crypto traders. The features allows users to get easier access to decentralized finance platforms and services. In addition, its interoperability also fosters liquidity in the crypto market.

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