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OKC partners Beosin to aid security of its protocols


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Popular OKX chain, OKC has partnered with Beosin, a blockchain security firm. OKC announced the development in its Tuesday Twitter post. According to the announcement, the partnership manifested to accelerate the development of risk management for digital assets and enhance the security of the blockchain ecosystem.

Also, OKC believes the partnership marks a significant step in collaborative efforts to revolutionise the blockchain landscape. Occasioned by the strengths and competencies of Beosin and OKC, both firms aims to deliver an expanded range of blockchain security technology solutions for global users at scale.

Notably, OKC has, over time, continued to receive numerous integrations and supports. Recently, TARS protocol, a Baas infrastructure for web3 builders announced its resolve to integrate with the OKX chain. As revealed, the protocol chose OKC because of it provides safe, reliable, and stable environment for crypto trading via web and mobile apps. According to TARS, its decision to support the chain will help avail tailored services to all its users and members.

Barely a few days ago, OKC also integrated Ramp network, a leader in the non-custodial fiat to crypto infrastructure. It also integrated VEFI, an ecosystem of blockchain-intrinsic products, building a high-performance blockchain.

A few months ago, it also integrated with Unstoppable Domains, the leading provider of NFT domains. OKC, through this integration seeks to make the transfer of cryptocurrencies simpler and easier. In overall, the OKX chain now features over 100 projects. Also, it enjoys a large and diverse ecosystem that is currently enjoying rapid growth.

OKC seeking to foster Metaverse experience

Remarkably, OKC has been unrelenting in fostering Metaverse experience. The chain announced its entry into the sphere with a focus on true interoperability (IBC) and maximises performance. It is actually one of the only open chains existing in the intersection between Ethereum and Cosmos.

Notably, OKC said its high-performance platform manifested for future decentralized applications in the Metaverse. With it, developers are able to build and scale with low gas fees while the all-in-one multi-chain Web3 interface provides a seamless, multi-chain, unified Web3 experience to the user. This thus makes the OKX chain a perfect fit for the Metaverse.

Additionally, the scalability of OKC makes it an optimal choice for building the Metaverse where billions of people can efficiently interact with each other in the future. The chain handles a large number of transactions without slowing down. Its combination of low cost and high performance makes OKC attractive for a host of applications.

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