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Illuvium launches Android, Windows, MAC versions


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Fast-raising RPG chain game, Illuvium has released its Android, MAC and Windows version as it enters Private Alpha. The version, Illuvium: Zero has become available to land holders, the firm announced on Twitter.

Furthermore, the tweet revealed that upon the completion of the first 6-8 weeks of Alpha, players’ data will go back to default. According to the team, it’ll signal the end of Season 0. More so, players are opportune to roll over their acquired blueprint into the new season but items and fuel will not carry over.

The initial release of the game; Illuvium Alpha, provided gamers with the privilege of playing their Land plots in the game. Worth noting, it will bestow the team with the opportunity of testing and making adjustments to the game. Then, the Alpha version did not come with an earning economy. The team in its webpage stated that the Alpha version came into play as an attempt to show appreciation to gamers for playing the game.

How Illuvium Zero comes with passive earning on Lands

Additionally, the release of Illuvium Zero will see users earn passively through their Lands. As revealed, gamers can earn about 5% on a plot of Land as part of in-game revenue. Presently, there are about 100,000 plots of Land in total and the first 20,000 were sold during the first Land Sale. Players can extract Fuel from Tier 1-5 Land, which is connected to the economy of Illuvium and can be sold on the IlluviDex for Ethereum (ETH).

Likewise, Landowners must play their Land plot in the game to build up their Land and produce Fuel and Elements. After building necessary structures, players can trade their Fuel at anytime for ETH. Giving them another means of earning on Illuvium Zero.

Growth of Play-to-earn games

Play-to-earn games tend to change the existing narrative by monetizing games in a bid to let gamers earn through their passion. Many P2E games like Illuvium are struggling to gain wider recognition due to their failure to keep up with the pace they started with. Major games are struggling to keep their users, however, the innovation is setting the pace for a completely decentralized internet.

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