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NEAR partners Seracle to advance web3 development


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Scalable blockchain network, NEAR has collaborated with Seracle, a blockchain cloud project. In a Wednesday blog post, NEAR confirmed the development. As announced, the duo aims to leverage their alliance to revolutionize web3 development.

It is noteworthy that the collaboration will see NEAR harnessing the remarkable Litenode architecture of Seracle. According to findings, this solution is running to foster cost-efficiency in a project’s monthly spendings on node maintenance and DevOps. It is designed in such a way that it drives down costs without compromising quality.

Integration of web3 incubation center in India

Further, this collaboration, according to NEAR, features the integration of a web3 incubation center in Pune, India. This center is coming into fruition to provide easy enablement for developers to thrive. With the web3 incubation center, developers can now be able to immerse themselves in an innovative ecosystem, primarily designed to aid development, education and scaling of web3 apps. Both Seracle and NEAR believe the alliance will focus on communal growth in a bid to empower community of developers who have shown readiness to explore the world of web3.

Director of APAC and MENA with NEAR Foundation, Arpit Sharma gave a brief insight on the collaboration. Sharma described Seracle as an ideal partner owing to its enthusiasm, technical expertise and experience in the web3 sector. The director is very optimistic in the potential of the collaboration to onboard millions of developers into the evolving web3 space.

Likewise, CEO of Seracle, Shrikant Bhalerao also made some comments on the partnership. He commended NEAR over its unrelenting commitments to transforming the web3 world. According to Bhalerao, the blockchain protocol is the brain behind some of the most innovative solutions in the industry. The CEO expressed confidence in the potential of the partnership to help Seracle grow its ecosystem. According to him, the collaboration is expected to grow Seracle’s revenue by at least 30%.

NEAR, Seracle to provide financial backing for web3 development

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Seracle and NEAR have pledged to avail huge financial support for the next wave of web3. As for Seracle, it intends to offer platform credits from a pool of $100,000. Certainly, these credits will be geared towards cushioning the financial obstacles that come with upfront cost, thereby allowing developers to focus fully on the creative process.

NEAR plans to also avail grants to select projects. The projects to be selected will be those bases at Seracle’s incubation center. Through this, both platforms aim to onboard at least 100 web3 projects and reach out to not less than 5,000 developers before the end of the year. Notably, both NEAR and Seracle are showing remarkable commitment to growing and developing the web3 ecosystem.

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