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QuickNode, MisTrack collaborate to aid tracing of blockchain transactions


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QuickNode has announced a collaboration with prominent blockchain infrastructure provider, MistTrack. The firm made the revelation known today in a thread of tweets on its official Twitter page. According to the announcement, the collaboration is aimed at aiding the swift and efficient tracking of on-chain transactions.

More so, QuickNode in the announcement, established that the collaboration is directed at enhancing service availability and user experience. As revealed, the collaborative efforts of the two partners will help strengthen their respective platforms. Therefore, helping users to track on-chain transactions in a safer and more accessible way.

Furthermore, the announcement provided some insights into some factors that birthed the collaboration. As disclosed, the partnership surfaced as part of MistTrack’s effort to provide reliable analytical solutions for risk assessment and transaction tracking. Likewise, the announcement illustrated how QuickNode’s new partner has recorded numerous landmark achievements that have helped place it on a progressive path.

QuickNode went on to describe how MistTrack has collaborated with various bodies like law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and Web3 teams globally. Due to these collaborations, MistTrack focused on ensuring compliance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations within the DeFi space. Consequently, the announcement stated how MistTrack designed its transaction tracking platform to aid users with AML and funds tracing capabilities. According to QuickNode, the firm has been able to contribute to the effort of making the cryptocurrency world safer and more accessible through its tracking solution.

QuickNode seeking to onboard millions of users and developers into web3

QuickNode aims to onboard millions of users and developers into web3. In January 2023, the blockchain developer completed a $60 million funding round, thereby boosting its value to $800 million. According to our findings, participants in the funding round include Tiger Global, 10T Fund, Seven Seven Six, and several others. QuickNode leveraged the investment to aid its transition to web3 by empowering developers with the necessary resources to onboard a new generation of blockchain users. Also, the funding paved way for the firm to accelerate its growth and development.

In the past few months, QuickNode has become the choice of many owing to its reliable blockchain architecture. Recently, Metaco selected the blockchain firm in its bid to offer secure digital asset management for Tier 1 financial institutions. According to the announcement at that time, Metaco chose QuickNode owing to the quality of its service, customer support and price. Before settling for QuickNode, Metaco tried numerous blockchain network providers. It claimed those platforms lacked the sufficient capacity to avail the needed enablement for its offerings. By relying on QuickNode, Metaco seeks to complement the expectations of its clients.

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