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Nansen unveils its subsidiary in United Kingdom


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On Wednesday, a leading blockchain analytics firm, Nansen unveiled its subsidiary in the United Kingdom. In its latest Twitter post, the firm confirmed the development. According to Nansen, the launching of the new subsidiary is coming as part of its commitment to expand its offering into the United Kingdom market.

Worthy of note that this development is coming a few weeks after Nansen collaborated with Google Cloud. The collaboration was geared towards availing real-time blockchain data to projects in Google Cloud web3 startup. This thus means web3 startups running on the ecosystem are now able to harness the on-chain data provided by Nansen. According to the announcement, these projects will be offered the on-chain data for free within the first month. Going forward, they will get a 20% discount till the end of 2023.

Through the Nansen on-chain data, the web3 projects want to assess the sentiment and attitude of the investor. More so, the on-chain data will provide an enablement to foster business ideas as it helps to measure the behaviour of these investors in real-time. According to Nansen, its on-chain data features dashboards comprising decentralized finance and NFT sectors. Certainly, the firm has established itself as a leading on-chain data provider, thereby earning the patronage of Google Cloud.

Nansen CEO explains the rudiments of on-chain data

The CEO of Nansen, Alex Svanevik boasted about the efficiency of the on-chain data offered by Nansen. He said the data has continued to equip web3 developers with data to aid their offerings. Svanevik believes the data offered by the protocol has helped to foster transparency, thereby advancing the DeFi space. Although, the CEO bemoaned the under-usage of the on-chain data because of its costs and complications. This is why Nansen’s partnership with Google Cloud is seeking to empower developers in onboarding users into web3.

In March, Nansen launched its Query solution. According to its announcement at that time, the solution is geared towards offering programmable access to blockchain datasets, thereby allowing crypto teams to easily initiate on-chain data analytics. Worthy of note that the solution came into limelight on the Google Cloud ecosystem. This thus makes it easy to integrate scores of web3 apps and stacks. Hansen said its Query product could trail more than 95% of all TVLs in the 17 popular blockchain layers.

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