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Nansen collaborates Google Cloud to provide on-chain data offerings


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On Tuesday, a blockchain data analytics protocol, Nansen collaborated with Google Cloud. In its latest blog post, Nansen confirmed the partnership. According to the firm, it will harness the collaboration to avail real-time blockchain data to projects in Google Cloud web3 startup.

By virtue of this development, applications running on the web3 startup can now leverage Nansen’s on-chain data. In the first month, these projects will enjoy the data for free and 20% discount on products and engagement fees throughout the year. It is worthy of note that this data will enable the projects to evaluate sentiment and behavior of the investor. According to findings, they will also rely on this on-chain data to determine or drive business ideas. This is because the data enables them to study the behavior of their investors in real-time.

Additionally, Nansen analytic network paves the way for projects to amass deep knowledge about capital flows within their ecosystems. According to findings, the on-chain data provider is enveloped with dashboards covering Decentralized Finance and NFT spheres. According to Google Cloud, it chose Nansen because of its vast experience in the industry. Now, its adoption by Google Cloud will further widen its experience.

Google Cloud’s collaboration to help onboard billions of users into web3 – Nansen CEO

Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen made some comments on the development. According to the CEO, Nansen is excited to collaborate with Google Cloud in providing web3 developers with reliable on-chain data. Svanevikv reflected on how the transparency of on-chain data has transformed the DeFi sphere. However, he lamented the underutilization of the data owing to its cost and complexities. But, the CEO believes its collaboration with Google Cloud will empower developers to onboard billions of people into web3.

Also, James Tromas, Engineering Director, Web3 at Google Cloud also reacted to the development. Tromas emphasizes the commitment of Google Cloud in supporting the development of the web3 sphere. The exec believes the integration of Nansen data offering will also widen the base of Google and its Startup Cloud Program for the web3 arena. According to Tromas, Google Cloud aims to continuously empower developers with necessary tools to thrive.

He added that the firm wants to leverage its collaboration with Nansen to avail distinctive offerings to emerging web3 startups. Some of these include technical resources, access to community, and discounts, thereby enabling them to easily build their projects.

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