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Mocaverse engages in strategic partnerships with numerous organizations, to boost web3 adoption


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In a bid to bridge, integrate, and export South Korean web3 culture, Mocaverse has entered a strategic partnership with a host of notable firms. Some of these firms according to the web3 company are Cube Entertainment, IPX, Planetarium Labs, and Gomble Game. The firm, seeded by Animoca Brands made the disclosure on Wednesday through an official blog post

To actualize its goal of onboarding more users, the web3 firm has adopted a “multi-partner activation plan in key sectors including K-pop, digital IP, GameFi, and others.” More so, as part of the initiative, Mocaverse will allow users of its on-chain identity system to enjoy a list of web3 experiences. These experiences will emanate from the support of partners like Cube Entertainment, IPX, Planetarium Labs, Gomble Game, and Bellygom. 

The on-chain identity platform known as Moca ID is specifically designed for web3 gaming, culture, and entertainment. Also, holders of the Moca IDs and NFTs while exploring the experiences will stand a chance to earn exclusive rewards perks. Meanwhile, some of the partners of Mocaverse will leverage the opportunity to engage their users.

On the flip side, the collaboration is an opportunity for Mocaverse to onboard more people into the web3 landscape. It is worth mentioning that Mocaverse is a network with an interoperable infrastructure layer of Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi systems. In recent times, the firm has focused on fast-tracking the global adoption of web3. 

Side Notes on Some Previous Strategic Moves by Mocaverse 

Recall that in June 2023, Mocaverse collaborated with Rarible to design its NFT marketplace. The move to establish a marketplace became a necessity for the web3 firm due to how its collection gained huge relevance in the NFTs landscape. Then, the firm intended to protect holders of its NFTs from falling victim to the snares of illicit actors. 

Similarly, in August 2023, Mocaverse received a significant boost after Animoca Brands collaborated with CyberConnect to design a decentralized social layer for the firm. According to Binbits, the innovation is designed to allow firms to use Mocaverse to create their social graph. Therefore, onboarding firms and institutions into the web3 sphere. 

What a top Executive of Animoca Brands said about the Collaboration 

Meanwhile, top executives from the latest partners of Mocaverse have reacted to the collaboration. In their respective submissions, the executive discussed how their firm intends to contribute to the goals of the web3 firm. Among the notable executives who reacted to the development is Alan Lau, the chief business officer of Animoca Brands.

Consequently, Alan Lau submitted that the “Mocaverse is the hub of culture and entertainment in web3.” The executive disclosed that the firm intends to introduce more innovations due to how South Korea has become one of its core markets to watch in 2024. Alan Lau emphasized that Animoca Brands sees “powerful opportunities for cross-project co-creation and celebrity-fan interaction.”

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