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Mocaverse, Rarible collaborate to launch an NFT marketplace


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On Wednesday, an ambitious NFT project of Animoca Brands, Mocaverse partnered with Rarible. According to its blog post, the collaboration is geared toward launching a Mocaverse NFT marketplace for its community.

Notably, the NFT marketplace will be designed to avail users with secured enablement to trade Mocaverse NFTs with confirmed authenticity. The marketplace will also address issues related to users’ safety. One of the issues it seeks to resolve has to do with the dangers associated with trading on a third-party platforms, like the risk of buying a copycat or interacting with malicious software.

Mocaverse NFT marketplace to offer 0% platform fee on native listings

In the announcement, Animoca Brands boasted that the marketplace will give a 0% platform fee on native listings of its Mocaverse collection. Also, it is said that the marketplace will prioritize royalties on all sales carried out on its platform.

Animoca Brands assures users of its commitment to ensuring that the marketplace offers thrilling features to users. Some of these features, as revealed, include filtering with Moca XP points as well as support for not less than five other ERC-20 tokens. As for Moca XP, it runs as a point system that helps to track how Mocaverse NFT holders relate within the ecosystem. Notably, users will be able to earn Moca XP through staking, engagement in activations, participation in social channels, and contributions to the Moca DAO. Reportedly, users with higher Moca XP will be eligible to amass rewards and benefits at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Animoca Brands Chief Business Officer, Alan Lau made some comments on the partnership with Rarible. According to the exec, the incorporation of the Moca XP rewards system has taken Mocaverse NFT beyond traits or rarity. Also, Lau expressed optimism in the potential of the partnership to develop custom marketplace features to aid users’ experience. The exec, further, assures the commitment of the firm to incorporate efficient trading activities into its ecosystem.

Rarible committed to building a unique home with partner

Similarly, Rarible co-founder and chief strategy officer, Alex Salnikov also reacted to the partnership. According to him, the future of Web3 lies in the ability of creative brands to build efficient community engagement. More so, Salnikov said each community needs a home, enveloped with uniqueness, safety and independent from third parties to grow in the evolving world. He, however, expressed the commitment of Raribel to building such a home with Mocaverse.

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