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MetaMask, OpenOcean partners to facilitate quicker on-chain swap


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In a bid to expand its ecosystem, MetaMask has announced the integration of a new DeX aggregator. As announced in a tweet on its official handle, MetaMask unveiled OpenOcean as the latest aggregation on its network. In the announcement, the firm highlighted some benefits of the latest integration.

More so, the firm indicated that OpenOcean will help provide swap options for numerous blockchains on its platform. As announced, the supported networks are Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche. Meanwhile, MetaMask stated that the integration is another step in its mission to advance users’ experience.

Also, the collaboration is aimed at aiding the efficiency of on-chain swaps, to make them faster and cheaper at the best available rate. With the intergration of OpenOcean, MetaMask has created a pathway for its users to enjoy more liquidity. Similarly, the latest synergy will provide the two firms with the privilege of expanding their outreach. For OpenOcean, the collaboration will support it to reach more DeFi users.

Additionally, the announcement illuminated some key benefits of the integration to the MetaMask ecosystem. Users of the wallet will enjoy OpenOcean’s backend API and SDK. With the tools, traders and devopers can swiftly tap into the benefits of their respective platform. Likewise, the tools will ensure that users get good swap rates.

The integration will as well see MetaMask users enjoy the unique trading routing algorithm deployed by OpenOcean. The routing algorithm as revealed will help facilitate the best trading experience to aid users make some of the best decisions. It will compare available trading routes in real-time to give end users the best value on their swaps.

Side Note About MetaMask

Recall that last month, MetaMask collaborated with MoonPay to extend crypto payments in Nigeria. With the move, the crypto wallet provider aimed to extend Web3 and crypto services to users in the region. Consequently, advancing the adoption of cryptocurrency. The initiative will support users to purchase virtual assets without setting up an account with centralized exchange.

Despite focusing on advancement, MetaMask has been the subject of various attempts by hackers. Same last month, the Web3 wallet provider warned users against clicking on links claiming to be from MetaMask. Lastly, the platform warned users to ignore mails requesting for their KYC details.

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David Idowu
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