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Metamask, MoonPay collaborates to facilitate crypto payments in Nigeria


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Renowned crypto wallet provider, Metamask has collaborated with MoonPay, a provider of crypto-fiat services. The crypto wallet service provider announced the partnership in a Twitter post on Tuesday. According to the announcement, both firms aim to leverage on the partnership to foster crypto payments in Nigeria. 

Also, MetaMask intends to establish more localized method of payments to improve the system. This payment system will enable users to access Web3 more efficiently. Through this, tokens can be purchased conveniently without the need to set up an account with a centralized crypto exchange.

Additionally, users in Nigeria can now be able purchase crypto through instant bank transfers provided for in the MetaMask mobile App and Portfolio dApp. As of press time, Nigeria remains one of the top three most active users of MetaMask globally. Just last month, the country ranked well among the top ten visitors of Metamask.io.

MetaMask to introduce new method of payment to other African countries

Meanwhile, MetaMask also affirmed its commitment to continuously offer seamless services to users in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It intends to expand this feature to other African countries such as Kenya, Botswana, and South Africa in the months to come. The firm noted that its goal is to provide users with more convenient methods of payment. According to the wallet service provider, its partnership with MoonPay is a step towards achieving this goal.

Worth noting that MetaMask Senior Product Manager, Lorenzo Santos made some comments as regards the partnership. According to the manager, MetaMask seeks to eliminate the barriers faced by Nigerians while using fiat to crypto. Santos further revealed that the firm will continue to support Nigerians as they onboard into Web3.

Notably, MoonPay Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Zeeshan Feroz also reacted to the development. According to Feroz, Nigerians will be provided with “Bank Transfers” a popular e-commerce method of payment. Furthermore, the Chief hopes that the method is adequately harnessed by Nigerians to aid their experience. 

It is important to note that a widely accepted payment infrastructure such as this, would strengthen Nigeria’s crypto market. Through this partnership, the difficulties associated with crypto transactions in Nigeria will be defeated. Now, users of the crypto wallet in Nigeria can own their bank and control their assets.

As such, Nigerian users are encouraged to fund their wallet with MoonPay by logging into MetaMask mobile app or Portfolio Dapp.

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