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Mastercard Set to Recruit 500 Young Professionals This Year, Continues Crypto, Open-Banking Consulting Plans


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According to new reports, MasterCard Inc. is set to hire the services of no less than 500 young professionals in 2022. The recruitment will be in line with its efforts towards expanding its data and services unit, as well as its recently-launched consulting practices centered around cryptocurrencies and open banking.

MasterCard To Add At Least 500 College Graduates

As at present, the data and services division of MasterCard Inc. is having more than 2,000 engineers, data scientists, and consultants across 70 countries worldwide. However, with the business world seeing so much new innovations and ever-changing consumer demands, it is only necessary for top companies to also make expansion plans in order to accommodate these changes.

Therefore, the data & services arm of MasterCard is expanding its team with the addition of no less than 500 young professionals and college graduates.

Speaking about the changes happening at MasterCard, the president of Data & Services Raj Seshadri said:

“Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with our customers across banking, fintech, retail, travel and other sectors, helping them understand and navigate every challenge and opportunity thrown their way. This evolution of consulting is in recognition of the changing world and of our changing business. It’s about helping customers navigate today’s challenges and anticipating what’s next.”

CBDCs, Crypto Integration and Other Consulting Plans

Meanwhile, the firm’s consulting efforts is also targeting banks and merchants that might need help with crypto adoption. This includes helping them in creating crypto-enabled loyalty programs and also developing strategies for crypto and NFT integration. In addition, MasterCard hopes to use its partnerships with “digitally native firms” to offer crypto solutions and help businesses break into new markets.

Interestingly, the global financial institution is also focusing on helping central banks weigh their options in the creation of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). According to MasterCard, it has come up with a testing platform which allows central banks to perform research, and carry out testing and consultation with experts in payment systems, regulation and governance before ever launching their CBDCs.

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