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Lotte Group, Polygon partner to drive global NFT project


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On Monday, one of the biggest corporate organizations in South Korea, Lotte Group partnered with Polygon blockchain. This development was announced in a latest blog post by its marketing and NFT hub, Daehong Communications. According to the announcement, the partnership is geared towards expanding the company’s NFT business into the global market.

The Lotte NFT hub has, over time, continued to invest in NFT business, engaging in numerous partnerships with many firms. Recently, it engaged other affiliates of Lotte Group to drive the NFT business. According to findings, Daehong wants to hasten the worldwide development of NFT projects. It believes this can only be possible through numerous partnerships with both domestic and foreign firms. Following its partnership with Polygon, the Lotte affiliate aims to move forward as a global actor in the web3 sphere. According to the announcement, it will enjoy the support of the Polygon foundation to develop a rich NFT business model.

Lotte Group, Polygon to rebrand Bellygom NFT

Through the partnership, both firms want to aid rebranding of the Lotte Home Shopping’s Bellygom NFT. Earlier, Daehong released the roadmap of the Belygom NFT season 2. Recall that it first minted the NFTs in August on the Klatyn network. According to findings, the NFTs allow its holders to enjoy numerous benefits in regards to Lotte products and services. Some of these benefits include hotel vouchers, discount coupons for shopping and many more.

Meanwhile, the unveiling of the season 2 roadmap unfolded at the Belygom NFT holder party held at Jamsil Lotte World last Saturday. In the announcement, the Lotte NFT hub reiterates its commitment to rebranding Belygom NFT Season 2. Through this, it aims to strengthen the roadmap of the Belygom community worldview. Although, as of press time, the firm is yet to determine the date in which it intends to release the collection. But, it plans to leverage on its partnership with Polygon to provide a wider experience to holders. Beyond Bellygom NFT, both firms will also work on rebranding the Veligom NFT Season 2.

Before partnering with Lotte NFT hub, Polygon has been engaging in numerous collaborations to grow its ecosystem. Today, the platform has developed to become one of the fast growing ecosystem in the industry. Just recently, it partnered with India E-commerce firm, Flipkart to launch a Blockchain E-commerce Centre of Excellence (CoE). Worthy of note that the partnership manifested so as to enhance the growth of the web3. As of press time, Polygon enjoys the patronage of numerous multi-national firms including Nike, Meta, Reddit, and more.

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