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Pundi X, Binance Pay partners to push crypto adoption


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In a blog post today, Pundi X announced a collaboration with Binance Pay. According to the announcement, Pundi X’s Point-Of-Sale solution; XPOS will leverage Binance Pay’s efficient processing of crypto transactions to aid merchants using the XPOS devices to accept virtual tokens.

With that, Pundi X through its XPOS devices will aid merchants to seamlessly carry out cryptocurrency transactions. Therefore, expanding the adoption range of cryptocurrency. Also, Binance Pay’s in-built security measures will aid merchants to protect their assets against theft or hacking. The payment platform has security mechanisms like multi-signature support and key management.

Furthermore, with the integration of Binance Pay, XPOS merchants won’t have to pay transactional charges for accepting crypto payments. The platform is designed to facilitate transactions without attaching charges to them. More so, the collaboration will further enhance Pundi X and its XPOS innovation to grow in popularity and advancement. Presently, Pundi X’s XPOS devices are in use in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Worth noting that the XPOS is a blockchain-based position-of-sale machine that provides a seamless method of processing crypto transactions. The innovation aids retail merchants and other users to carryout instant in-store transactions blockchain. Furthermore, the XPOS supports users to buy, sell and transact virtual assets of all kinds in physical stores.

Notable reactions to the collaboration between Pundi X and Binance Pay

Meanwhile, Top executive members from Binance Pay and Pundi X have reacted to the latest collaboration. Pakning Luk, the regional BD Head of Binance expressed excitement about how Pundi will incorporate Binance Pay into its XPOS devices. Luk registered hope and confidence in the efficiency of the innovation to fast-track the global adoption of cryptocurrency.

Likewise, Zac Cheah, the CEO of Pundi X regarded the collaboration as a step forward for his organization. In his words, Cheah stated that the collaboration reflects the organization’s increasing effort to avail cryptocurrency transactions to more users. Additionally, the CEO disclosed that Binance’s influence in the industry is pivotal to the collaboration. He added that with Binance Pay, the push to onboard more users and merchants to the blockchain ecosystem will be much easier.

Meanwhile, before the collaboration with Binance Pay, Pundi X has been making major headlines. The firm is famous for being the investor of the first blockchain phone; BOB. Other solutions from the Pundi X include XWallet and XPASS.

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