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LayerZero collaborates Google Cloud to available oracles for its users


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An Omnichain interoperability protocol, LayerZero has collaborated with Google Cloud. According to LayerZero’s blog post, the partnership will facilitate the integration of Google Cloud’s oracle on its network. With this infrastructure, the protocol wants to aid the verification of every message on its network by default.

The oracle, as announced will be configured on all LayerZero apps before Septmeber 19, 2023. It will serve as a default verifier for every message on these apps. Earlier, the Google Cloud architecture only runs as the https of cross-chain messaging alone, verifying the validity of certificates. However, by virtue of its growing use cases, it can now verify messages on LayerZero without issues.

LayerZero seeking to achieve modular security on its network

LayerZero has continued to emphasize its commitment to fostering modular security of its network. Therefore, it sees the integration of the Google Cloud oracle as a great step forward toward achieving such an aspiration. It is worthy of note that there are also other verifying solutions on LayerZero. They include PolyhedraZK and several others, helping the firm maintain a security architecture that complements its needs.

Late last year, it also integrated Chainlink’s oracles to expand the decentralization of its ecosystem. More so, it has been leveraging the solutions to provide optimal security option for omnichain dApps. While integrating the oracles, LayerZero said it chose Chainlink because of it is the most seasoned and flexible oracle solution in the market. According to the firm, Chainlink enjoys a great reputation in terms of security and reliability.

There’s no doubt that Chainlink oracles have brought best-suite benefits to LayerZero. Apart from serving as a reliable infrastructure for efficient security, the oracles also foster transparency on the network. More so, the integration enables apps running on LayerZero to provide a host of new functionalities for their users. These include multi-chain lending and borrowing, derivatives for every asset, optimization of transactions, and many more.

Now, with its addition of Google Cloud’s oracle, LayerZero is further empowering all developers on its network to advance their users’ experience. It acknowledged the efforts of Google Cloud in strengthening the security of the messaging layer to aid the entire industry.

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