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Top Celebrities investing in NFTs


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Certainly, the NFTs sphere has continued to grow in popularity. This is simply due to its massive adoption by well-known celebrities across the globe. Over time, several influential personalities have delved into the NFTs sphere, promoting different kinds of collections to their followers. As a matter of fact, some of them have their own NFT investments. Without further ado, this article aims to list celebrities with NFTs investments.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is one of the notable celebrities that have been bullish about NFTs. Currently, he has a net worth of about $4.3 billion according to Forbes estimates. Over time, the billionaire has spoken about his investment in NFTs, indicating that he holds a significant number of the collections in his portfolio. Although, the information about the exact types of NFT collections in his portfolio is not in the public domain. But, we rely on information from various sources that he holds a variety of NFTs. Cuban’s investment in NFTs goes beyond holding the collections. He has also developed a gallery to showcase NFTs in their forms.

Paris Hilton

Another notable celebrity that has continued to invest and promote NFTs is Paris Hilton. Over time, Hilton has never hidden her admiration for the digital assets. According to our findings, she launched her first NFT drop in 2020. The celebrity personality believes NFT is the future for creators, creatives and collectors. Apart from her various NFT drops, Hilton also owns other collections in her portfolio.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has also made our list of notable celebrity investors in NFTs. Lohan is a popular actress and singer. She is bullish about NFTs, thereby consistently promoting the adoptions of the tokens by artists and musicians. Lohan believes in the potential of the token to help artists retain the rights of their work. Barely a few years ago, she invested in her own NFT collection following a partnership with the Canine Cartel. Apart from this, Lohan also owns a significant amount of NFTs in her portfolio.

Tom Bilyeu and Shawn Mendes

Tom Bilyeu and Shawn Mendes have also established themselves as famous NFT investors. Bilyeu is the current CEO of Impact Theory Studios. Mendes on the other hand is a singer. The duo hold a significant amount of NFTs. As a matter of fact, Mendes has an NFT collection, launched through his partnership with a firm, Genius. At a time, he announced that the gains from the NFT sale will be allocated to his foundation.


Grammy Award-winning rapper Eminem is another prominent figure with a craze for Non-Fungible Tokens. Eminem has collected various NFTs with the name Shady Holdings from OpenSea. According to reports, his collection contained more than 15 Non-Fungible Tokens. Furthermore, in 2022, he acquired a Bored Ape for $462,000. More so, Eminem has an NFT collection inspired by toys and action figures he likes while growing up. 

Snoop Dogg (Decentralized Dogg NFTs Collection)

Snoop Dogg has never hesitated to show support for Non-Fungible Tokens and other blockchain innovations. More so, reports revealed that the celebrity has more than $20 million worth of NFTs collection. Also, among the top celebrities investing in NFTs. He gained more attention among NFTs enthusiasts when he launched his collection “Decentralized Dogg.” 

Additionally, the collection came into life after Snoop Dogg collaborated with popular crypto artist Coldie. The collection was auctioned on SuperRare. At the end of the auction, the collection sold for 188 ETH.

Other Top Celebrities with Investment in NFTs

Leo Messi 

World Cup winner Lionel Messi is one of the few football stars among the top 10 celebrities that are investing in NFTs. With the support of popular artist, BossLogic, the former Barcelona Player kick-started his NFT Journey with the launching of his collection “Messiverse”. 

Meanwhile, the collection contained notable pieces like “Worth the Weight”, ” The King Piece” and “Man from the Future”. The collection gained more recognition across the NFTs and football space due to Messi’s popular figure. The collection recorded a sale of $3.4 million on the first day of its release.

Justin Kan 

Popular American internet entrepreneur and investor is also an avid collector of virtual arts. He’s mostly attributed as the co-founder of Fractal. Fractal is popularly recognized in the crypto space as the first virtual marketplace designed for gaming Non-Fungible Tokens.

Justin Kan rose to prominence for his ownership of top platforms like Justin.tv, Socialcam, and Twitch. He began his YouTube channel in 2021. Thereafter, he announced that his followers can collect his YouTube videos as Non-Fungible Tokens on OpenSea.

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