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Chainlink, Intella X collaborates to foster mainstream adoption of web3 games


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In an effort to provide infrastructural support for web3 games, Chainlink Labs has collaborated with Intella X. As announced, the collaboration will help enhance the adoption of blockchain games and Chainlink web3 services. Also, Intella X will leverage the web3 services of Chainlink to ensure the transparency of blockchain games on its platform.

Likewise, the collaboration with see Intella X integrates Chainlink VRF. The integration will provide the web3 gaming platform with a provably fair and tamper-proof random number generator. With such a mechanism, games on the platform can fairly generate random loot boxes, and distribute NFTs, among many other noticeable features. Meanwhile, in the blog post, Chainlink Labs described its new partner as a web3 gaming platform based on the Polygon network. 

It is worth mentioning that the CEO of Intella X, Jose Ko, reflected on the collaboration. Accordingly, the CEO submitted that there are high hopes from the end of his organization regarding the efficiency of its new partner to drive the adoption of web3 games. Jose Ko added that the notable features of Chainlink web3 services are important for the performance and fairness of blockchain games. 

How Chainlink has supported global adoption of web3 initiates 

Lately, Chainlink has emerged as one of the top contributors to the global embracement of web3 services. On July 14, 2023, the platform collaborated with Ahnlab to bolster the widespread adoption of web3. The efforts of the two platforms were aimed at developing reliable solutions that will contribute to the adoption of web3. 

Also, in another collaborative effort toward the embracement of web3, in May 2023, reports indicated that Chainlink Labs partnered with DeSpread to enhance the growth of the web3 ecosystem in South Korea. Consequently, the organization leveraged the popularity of DeSpread to engage members of the web3 community in South Korea to ensure the advancement of the innovation. 

Now, the latest collaboration with Intella X further highlights the commitment of Chainlink towards the growth of the web3 space. To attract more users to the industry, Intella X runs a contributor-centric ecosystem. With this initiative, the platform incentivizes users and developers based on their innovative revenue protocols. Lastly, to onboard more users to the sphere, Intella X ensures that its platform is user-friendly and supports cutting-edge game development and immersive gameplay. 

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