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KuCoin Wallet, Fantom partners for advancement and accessibility


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KuCoin Wallet, a secured and user-friendly Web3 wallet has integrated Fantom an open-source smart contract for virtual assets and dApps. The firm made the revelation today via a blog post outlining the importance and benefits of the integration.

Accordingly, the integration will provide KuCoin Wallet users with access to native assets on the Fantom network. Consequently, these users can discover and invest in dApps within the Fantom network. However, prior to the integration, KuCoin Wallet had listed a host of project coins from Fantom. Therefore, the recent collaboration will see the expansion of these tokens to a larger number.

Furthermore, the integration will as well provide KuCoin Wallet users with an avenue to track real-time assets in a simplified way from all supported devices. However, only Android users of KuCoin Wallets can enjoy these benefits because the firm has completed the full integration for this segment of users. Presently, the full integration of Fantom in KuCoin Wallet for IOS devices is underway. As announced, the Web3 wallet provider pledged to communicate the completion of the process in due time.

According to the blog post, KuCoin Wallet cited how Fantom’s swiftness in processing transactions at a friendly cost as one of the drivers for the integration. Also, the firm indicated that Fantom emerged as its latest partner because the protocol prioritizes revolutionizing users’ experience.

In the blog post, the Web3 Wallet provider explained how its new partner is committed to providing innovations that combine scalability, security and decentralization. With the aforementioned targets, the announcement revealed that Fantom aided developers to deploy their dApps on its network.

Insights into the collaboration between Fantom and KuCoin Wallet

Meanwhile, the head of KuCoin wallet, Jeff Haul has provided insight into the collaboration. According to Jeff, the innovation is a “brand new start for the two ecosystems.” The executive described Fantom as one of the largest blockchain networks in the crypto space. Jeff illuminated how Fantom designed various innovations that have impacted the industry positively.

Additionally, the executive said that the integration of Fantom will provide KuCoin Wallet users with seamless access to the benefits of Web3 on the network. Lastly, Jeff registered confidence in how the alliance will proffer innovative features for users of the two networks in the nearest future.

According to DeFiLlama, there are more than 250 DeFi projects on the Fantom ecosystem. As revealed, the Total Value Locked on these projects is about $436.26 million.

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