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Binance NFT marketplace integrates Polygon network


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In a bid to expand its NFT ecosystem for an advanced users’ experience, Binance NFT Marketplace has integrated the Polygon Network. The prominent marketplace made the revelation today via a blog post stating that it has added the Polygon network to its list of supported chains.

Further, Binance indicated that the newly added support for the Polygon network will promote Binance NFT in becoming a multi-chain NFT ecosystem. Also, the firm indicated that the move comes in an attempt to ensure that Binance NFT Marketplace becomes an open ecosystem. With that, the announcement revealed that users will be able to explore, trade and have at their disposal a wide range of NFTs collection across different blockchains.

More so, the latest development will aid the enhancement of Binance NFT Marketplace in attracting more users. At the moment, the marketplace supports collections from top ecosystems. These ecosystems are BNB, ETH and Polygon. As it stands, users can purchase NFT collections from the aforementioned ecosystem directly from their Binance accounts.

However, despite adding support for the Polygon network, only selected collections from the blockchain are presently available on Binance. As indicated, only handpicked ERC-721 NFT collections from the Polygon network are available for Binance users. Nevertheless, Binance NFT Markeplace in the announcement promised to integrate more collections subsequently.

Additionally, the Binance NFT Marketplace promised to optimize its features in a bid to expand the range of its services. The firm revealed that it’s working on adding more platforms and blockchains to its ecosystem in the nearest future.

Why Binance NFT Marketplace must extend support to Solana

Meanwhile, Binance users will be hoping that the NFT Marketplace will add support for the Solana ecosystem soon. As the second-largest host network to NFT collections, Binance users cannot purchase collections from this network directly from their account.

According to CryptoSlam, Solana is ranked third on the list of blockchains that has witnessed more NFTs transactions. As revealed, the ecosystem has witnessed the about $3.7 billion worth of NFTs transactions. Accordingly, the Ethereum network is on top of the list with $37.9 billion worth of NFT transactions.

Considering this figure, Binance NFT Marketplace must consider adding support for Solana to boost its relevance in the NFT space. Data provided by Cryptoslam indicates that as of press time, the total NFT sales volume has hit $50 billion in 156,166,797 transactions involving 10,124,402 buyers.

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