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Immutable X partners SparkadiaGG to launch Edenbrawl


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Sydney-based Web 3.0 game firm Immutable X has announced a partnership initiative with SparkadiaGG to launch a new Web 3.0 game, Edenbrawl. Immutable X made the revelation today via a post on its official Twitter page. According to the firm, the game is based on Ethereum, and it aims to bring millions of players aboard.

Via the announcement, it became known that other firms like Riot Games and Bungie & Blizzard Entertainment contributed to the project. Immutable X expressed a full confidence in the project that it will give players a unique Multiplayer UX. Further, the firm added that Eden Brawl has enough engaging content to keep users playing all the time.

Additionally, Immutable X disclosed that Edenbrawl has the best features of a Web2 game. Thus, giving players a varied experience of web 2 and 3.0 in a single game. The firm describes Edenbrawl as a game with intense WASD skill-based combat, unique champion playstyles, and streamlined player agency.

Meanwhile, a background check into the game’s website unveiled other details about Edenbrawl. According to the Webpage, Edenbrawl mixes action combat of a brawler alongside a depth of MOBA. This illustration illuminates that the combo created a “Mobrawler,” a unique experience that will journey with players from match 1 to match 10,000. With its tactical game mode, Edenbrawl offers an exciting multiplayer experience for game enthusiasts.

Also, the game has some interesting characters in the storyline. Some of these characters are Max (a puppy), Insky, Kana & Kensu, GloKat, Hotpaws, Jan Itor, Roostandor, Jet, and Snooker. The game major feature of the game emphasizes team play and collaboration as players must work together to get the egg that lies deeply in the enemy’s territory.

Side Notes About Immutable X

Immutable X has been a popular figure in the cryptocurrency space and web 3.0-oriented games. Recently, the firm partnered with Gamestop to raise about $100 million to support Web 3.0 games in its ecosystem. Likewise, Immutable X recently launched an inaugural $500 million developer and venture investment fund. According to emerging reports, the funds will be used to support Web 3.0 games project built on the company’s Ethereum-based ecosystem.

This range of heavy investment into the Web 3.0 game sector further strengthens Immutable X’s position as a force to reckon with. Without a doubt, the firm is leading the charge for the embracement of Web 3.0 initiatives. With the Edenbrawl, Immutable X will get feedback on how its investment in the industry has fared.

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