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Immutable X partners Moonpay to aid minting with cards


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Ethereum’s first Layer-2 scaling solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Immutable X has partnered Moonpay, a provider of crypto-fiat payment. The protocol announced the details of the partnership in its Thursday Twitter post. In the post, Immutable X noted that the partnership manifested to unveil an NFT checkout feature. This feature, as revealed, enables users to mint and own their assets by using credit or debit cards.

Through the announcement, Immutable X reaffirms its commitment to onboarding the next billion users to web3. Notably, the protocol also seeks to remove pain points and ensuring the design of frictionless processes as it continues to develop future products. This new feature, occasioned by the partnership with Moonpay helps to remove the barrier to entry when it comes to buying an NFT for the first time. Also, it helps to enhance fiat purchases, allowing users to directly onboard into the web3 ecosystem.

Worthy of note that Immutable X intends to support debit and credit card purchases. The protocol believes the card are user-friendly, making it easier for new breeds in the sphere to explore. Meanwhile, Immutable X is optimistic that its support for the card will improve or bring about more trading volume. Further, it believes such tends to foster speedy purchasing as well as more mainstream adoption. In the same vein, the firm noted that its support will enable games to establish and maintain effective economies. Similarly, it tends to help improve the overall experience of users.

Immutable X explains how the new feature works

Notably, Immutable X in the post explains how the NFT checkout feature works. According to the protocol, when a user initiates a mint of an NFT via the debit or credit card, Moonpay holds the funds on the card. Consequently, the NFT becomes minted on the wallet address of the user. After a successful minting of the NFT, Moonpay is expected to transfer the funds to the corresponding partner wallet. This thus means Moonpay possesses no custody of users asset at any point of the transactions.

Meanwhile, Immutable X hinted that partnering wallet will get access to NFT checkout using the link SDK and later Core SDK. Through this, they get eligibility to enable minting of NFTs via debit or credit cards. Remarkably, the protocol assures its community of plans to initiate more innovations capable of onboarding the next billion of users to web3. More so, it aims to continuously improve its product in a bid to facilitate better user experience.

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