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Hyundai motors to launch exclusive NFTs collection


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Automobile Powerhouse, Hyundai motors has announced a collaboration with Meta Kong NFT initiative to venture into NFTs. The partnership will aid the automobile company to launch an exclusive collection of 30 NFTs.

According to the official statement on the company’s website, Hyundai is motivated to venture into the digital segment due to the increasing popularity of NFTs. Reports also reveal that the collection is expected to fly by next month.

However, Hyundai describes the NFT collection as coming together of the iconic Hyundai Pony 1975 motor with Meta Kong. The company hopes the collaboration with Meta Kongz will pave way for the Pony to explore the digital world.

Meta Kongz earned its debut in the NFTs sphere late last year. The collection contains 10,000 randomly created 3D gorilla drawings. Within a short period of its arrival, it ranked among the top100 collection in the global NFT open marketplace.

To further craft a connection with the rest of the digital world, Hyundai established a special page on Twitter. The @Hyundai_NFT will carry official information for the project and will give interested persons to follow up. During its debut, the page broadcasted a clip exhibiting a Meta Kong flying through space in a Hyundai car.

Furthermore, the company believes that NFTs is the future of digital asset as indicated in the official statement. The statement emphasized that the innovation is a ticket to a new universe with the potential to birth new NFTs.

Hyundai Efforts Towards Metaverse

Early this year, Hyundai made a revelation about plans to venture into the metaverse. The Organization unveiled the Metamobility initiative to make a remarkable modification in the Metaverse Sphere. The initiative aims to use robots as a bridge between the physical world and the Metaverse. This will help implement changes in the metaverse of the physical world. With that, users will confound the restriction of mobility.

Additionally, Hyundai illuminated how it’s working to develop a distinctive metaverse to meet the increasing popularity of Virtual Reality. The organization hopes to get a headway in changing the regular narrative of Virtual Reality.

Also, the company hopes to merge both its effort in Metaverse and NFTs through the Hyundai Metamobility Universe. If attained, there will be a Metaverse with the allotment of different NFTs collection as a mobility mechanism.

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