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Hooked protocol launches $HOOK airdrop for holders


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Popular on-ramp layer protocol, Hooked has initiated its $HOOK airdrop for all its early Hooked party pass NFT and community members. The protocol announced the update in a series of Twitter posts on Friday. According to Hooked, it initiated the reward to appreciate and show gratitude to all its early holders.

According to the announcement by Hooked protocol, it intends to exclusively invites all existing HOOKED PARTY PASS NFT holders to its first giveaway airdrop event. The protocol says it intends to hold the event on Dec 15th of this year. Meanwhile, it promised to avail more details about the token drop in the first week of December. But, Hooked emphasized that only its existing pass holders are eligible to its 1st airdrop event.

However, it asked those who don’t have pass NFT not to worry. According to the project, there are still about 99,999 Hooked party pass NFTs in total. It promised to release the remaining NFTs to its community via different channels in the coming months.

Furthermore, Hooked protocol aims to organize a set of events for its members to participate to get WHITELIST. According to the announcement, it intends to commence the announcement of further details about those events by tomorrow. The protocol, however, promised to reward community members who positively attend community events and thus help build a better community environment.

More so, the protocol plans to commence minting for the newly acquired WLs after the first HOOK airdrop officially ends. Thus, other users exempted from its first airdrop event will be eligible to attend subsequent giveaway events.

Hooked protocol to launch its give-away in 6 batches

Worthy of note that Hooked protocol intends to initiate its $HOOK give-away events in 6 batches. However, it emphasized that the events will be for all party pass NFT holders in rewarding their early support. The protocol encourages community users to keep contributing positive energies to the community.

Notably, hooked protocol seeks to build the on-ramp layer for massive Web3 adoption. This, as reported, is geared towards forming the ecosystem of future community-owned economies. According to the protocol, it aims to achieving the commitment of achieving massive user web3 transformation to form the largest web3 community; thus reinforcing smooth and active economic flows among communities and businesses.

Further, Hooked plans to essentially allow users to unlock and access endless opportunities within the ecosystem. Also, it believes through gamified learning experience and paying out economic value back to users, they tends to become empowered and enjoy access to cryptocurrencies.

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