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The Sandbox, Modhaus’ to design fan engagement hub for K-pop group


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A partnership between The Sandbox and Modhaus will birth the creation of a social hangout platform for fans of K-pop girl group, tripleS. As revealed by The Sandbox today, the platform will host metaverse events for the K-pop group and their fans. According to the announcement, both The Sandbox and Modhaus are aiming to usher new users into the metaverse, while providing an interactive platform.

Further, the collaboration will aid Modhaus to create numerous digital collectables. These collectables include licensed tripleS NFTs, avatars, virtual wearables and many more. With the latest innovation, the metaverse should expect a new influx of users from South Korea through The Sandbox. This is due to a large number of supporters the K-pop girl group enjoy from the region and the world at large.

Currently, The Sandbox isn’t enjoying much patronage like before compared to what it recorded in the past and most especially during the crypto boom of 2021. So, bringing the K-pop stars to the metaverse will yield good dividends for the firm and its partner, Modhaus. With the partnership, Modhaus’s Cosmos will be made available to fans of the K-pop group, giving them the freedom to interact with the virtual space themselves. Cosmos is an entertainment platform backed by blockchain.

Additionally, the collaboration suits the ideology of the Sandbox, Modhaus and tripleS. Worth noting that tripleS use blockchain technology to aid fans to control numerous aspects of their virtual experience. Therefore, the innovation can be termed a product of blockchain-oriented organizations.

Reactions to the partnership between The Sandbox and Modhaus

More so, the collaboration hasn’t gone unnoticed by top executive members of the organizations involved. The CEO of The Sandbox Korea, Cindy Lee said “We are pleased to collaborate with Modhaus which creates new ways with a blockchain system in the music industry. K-pop fans can enjoy the music of tripleS at The Sandbox in a more creative way.”

Similarly, the co-founder of Modhaus, Joseph Baek also reacted to the development. Baek said, “In partnership with the Sandbox, our collective long-term aim is mass adoption of NFTs.” “With Modhaus paving the way to revolutionize the K-Pop entertainment market, the Sandbox will be an essential partner in our journey to expansion.”

Lastly, the collaboration will further complement the Sandbox efforts to facilitate the mainstream adoption of the metaverse. Previously, the firm has engaged in numerous partnership that are of high value to the virtual reality sphere. As it stands, The Sandbox is famous as one of the leading firms that provide metaverse experiences.

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