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GXChain integrates Bitgert chain


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In a recent development, Bitgert Chain announced that GXChain of Rei Network has integrated into its network. In a Twitter post today, Bitgert confirmed the development describing some of the notable features of its new partner.

Subsequently, the firm described the Rei network as an evolving trend in the blockchain space. Bitgert asserted that Rei is designed to aid a “Lightweight, EVM compatible, higher performance and no fee blockchain framework.” More so, the recent development represents another landmark advancement for Bitgert chain that has been gaining attention in the industry of late.

Yesterday, Bitgert chain announced the intergration of a A multi-chain crowdfunding platform with support for international brokers, an NFT marketplace, and an NFT collection, SeedLaunch. Bitgert through the partnership intended to boost the global adoption of NFT and establish more use cases for the innovation.

In recent times, Bitgert has enjoyed the integration of emerging projects such as Zelwin, BrightyPad, GemPad, CoinStages, Galaxy Arena Metaverse, and many others. With the host of partnerships, the Bitgert chain is gradually growing to become an ideal destination for emerging projects.

Highlight of key features of Bitgert Chain

In 2022, popular DeFi protocol, Bitgert launched the Bitgert Chain. According to the developers, the blockchain is designed to provide almost zero gas fee and high-speed cross chain transactions. As revealed Bitgert chain charges $0.0000000000001 on every transaction with a throughput of about 100,000 TPS.

Furthermore, the chain employs BRISE as it’s native token. The token aids investors to benefit from staking and earning rewards in BUSD. Also, the team behind the project explained that all smart contracts on the Bitgert chain have a buyback mechanism feature.

With that, Bitgert often set aside 5% of every transaction fee for buyback, while keeping 3% and 4% for marketing and staking rewards respectively. Likewise, the buyback feature supports BRISE’s price, establishing it as a deflationary token.

However, there are claims that BRISE has some real-life use cases that can aid it to become a recognized payment system around the globe. Through its dApp wallet, the token can be used as a p2p medium of exchange, eliminating the need for a centralized body.

Despite the growing popularity of Bitgert Chain and it’s platform, BRISE hasn’t enjoyed much market attention. According to CoinCodex, the token is presently trading at $ 5.511e-7, with a market cap of $218.08 million.

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